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1.1 Introduction

In this course, I'll show you how to create a personal project portfolio with Angular 2. Along the way, you'll get some practice with the fundamentals of an Angular 2 app: routing, templates, components, and custom services.

1.1 Introduction

Most people don't realize that Angular 2 is useful for a variety of apps and sites. Since Angular 2 is so flexible, adding various frameworks is simple. For example, we can add the Bootstrap framework to provide the user interface of our app. In this course, we will build a portfolio site with Angular 2 and Bootstrap. This course will demonstrate how easy it is to develop a site using Angular 2 and any library you choose. This site will use a self-contained service to display the projects that are in our portfolio. After this, you should have a solid understanding of Angular 2 and how you can use it in your projects going forward.

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