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1.1 Introduction

In this lesson I'll introduce you to the technologies we're using, and I’ll show you how to get everything set up and ready for the coding examples. You can see where to download the example code from, some of the tools that we'll be using, and how to view the final code if you get stuck.

1.1 Introduction

Hi folks. Welcome to Hands-On Angular Connect to an API. In this course, we're going to see how we can quickly and easily connect to a backend API. We'll see how to make different types of request using Angular's HttpClient. How to handle responses from the server, and how to perform common tasks like setting request headers, and handling progress events for an upload. We'll also see how we can make use of Angulars's in-memory database, which we can use to simulate a backend API, even if we don't have one available. We'll learn how to create database, how to add an interceptor in order to manipulate the responses back to out app. And how we can override HTTP methods if we need to provide a custom implementation not supported by the database. Let's get started.

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