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Wondering how to learn JavaScript on your own? There are plenty of JavaScript tutorials and resources on Envato Tuts+ and its YouTube channel.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic scripting language used by both front- and back-end web developers. It is the backbone of the web. If you want to program for the web, you need to know some JavaScript.

What Is JavaScript Used For?

JavaScript is used for both front- and back-end development.

Interactive Web Pages

JavaScript lets you add interactive experiences to web pages. It is great for dynamically updating content, controlling multimedia, creating animation, or validating user data. 

Web Apps

A web app or a "single-page application" is an integrated app within a web page. Think Facebook or Twitter. For single-page applications, you'll probably use a framework like React, Angular, or Vue. 

REST APIs and Back-Ends

You can use JavaScript to create REST APIs and web servers of all types. For back-end JavaScript, you'll use a platform like Node or Deno and a library like Express.


JavaScript is used to create 2D and 3D games for the browser, mobile, or desktop. If you want to create JavaScript games, check out some of the JavaScript game frameworks like Melon or Phaser. 

Mobile Apps

Thanks to mobile frameworks like React Native and Ionic, you can even use JavaScript to create native-like mobile apps. 

A-Frame is a popular JavaScript framework for building virtual reality. You can write applications for devices like Oculus Rift using JavaScript. 

Learn JavaScript With Free Online Courses

The best way to get started learning JavaScript is with a free course from Envato Tuts+.

7.5 Hours

Learn Modern JavaScript Fundamentals in 7 Hours!

 In this course, you'll learn all of the essential concepts of the JavaScript language. That's right: all of them! Including the most important recent improvements to the language. You'll start with the very fundamentals, and then in each lesson you'll build knowledge.

    1.8 Hours

    JavaScript for Web Designers

    In this course, you’re going to learn the basics of JavaScript from a web designer’s perspective. We’ll begin by going over the basics, such as JavaScript variables, data types, and loops, before working toward more complex notions such as functions, selectors, and events. Along the way, we’ll build some examples that are geared towards what you as a web designer might face on a daily basis. 

      1.6 Hours

      Learn Functional Programming With JavaScript

      Join Jeremy McPeak as he teaches you the core concepts of functional programming with JavaScript. We can also take a functional programming approach. By the end of this course, you will understand concepts like first-class functions, immutability, composing functions, currying, and even how to work with the DOM in a functional way. 

        Learn Vanilla JavaScript With Online Tutorials

        Learn to Code With JavaScript

        What does it mean to think like a programmer? These tutorials will reinforce what you've learned in the courses above and give you more tools.

        Building Apps With Vanilla JavaScript 

        After learning all fundamentals of JavaScript, you need to practice constantly. These tutorials will show you how to use pure or vanilla JavaScript to create different applications and interfaces. 

        More Practice Tutorials With Vanilla JavaScript

        Implement vanilla JavaScript for common website tasks:

        Useful JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

        Coding applications from scratch is time-consuming and repetitive. JavaScript has a massive ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, tools, package managers, and new languages that compile down to JavaScript.

        These free articles and tutorials will introduce you to some of the best.

        If you want to go the way of building your own JavaScript library, this practical tutorial on how to build your first one:

        Learn JavaScript Frameworks—React, Angular, and Vue

        If you want to code single-page apps—web apps—you'll probably want to use a front-end framework like React, Angular, or Vue. These are very popular technologies, and experience with them is sought-after by employers.

        3.7 Hours

        Learn React 18: The Complete React Developer Course

        React is the most popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. 

        In this course, Jeremy McPeak will teach you the fundamental concepts you need to start building applications with React 18. 

        Tutorials for Learning jQuery 

        When jQuery appeared, it changed the game for web development. It's not the most modern library any more, but it's still very popular and worth learning for simple web programming.

        TypeScript: JavaScript With Types

        One of the limitations and strengths of JavaScript is that it is untyped. This makes coding more straightforward in some respects, but also makes the language more prone to bugs—especially as an application grows larger and more complex. 

        To respond to this lack, the TypeScript language was developed to add types to JavaScript. In fact, TypeScript is the preferred language for coding Angular apps, and it can be used anywhere JavaScript is used.

        What Is Node.js?

        JavaScript started out as a language for the web browser, but eventually it was ported to the server too. This makes it easier to code full-stack apps—with the same language on the client and server, it is easier to understand the code and reuse it when appropriate.

        Node.js is a major framework for modern web development and makes it easy to create high-performance, real-time web applications. It allows JavaScript to be used end to end, both on the server and in the web browser.


        Good luck with learning JavaScript! These resources will help you learn all the fundamentals and advanced concepts of this awesome programming language. The secret to growing as a developer and gaining experience is to be hands-on. So keep learning and practising. Don't forget to have fun! 

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