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How to Get Started With an Android App Template

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Read Time: 10 min

Creating an attractive user interface for Android apps is almost always a time-consuming task. It takes days, sometimes weeks, to conceptualize and design pixel-perfect layouts that look good on all screen sizes and pixel densities.

Furthermore, with most users today expecting their apps to adhere to the guidelines of Material Design, the task has arguably become even harder.

The City - Place App with Backend 7.2The City - Place App with Backend 7.2The City - Place App with Backend 7.2
The City is one of the best Android mobile app templates you'll find online

Where to Buy Mobile App Templates in 2022

Fortunately, there's an easy solution: CodeCanyon, a marketplace that has hundreds of native Android app work templates you can use to jump-start your next project. Even if that is creating a movie app template for Android. You can save days or even months of effort by using one of them.

CodeCanyon mobile Android app template bestsellersCodeCanyon mobile Android app template bestsellersCodeCanyon mobile Android app template bestsellers
CodeCanyon is the place to buy Android app templates.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how easy it is to download and use an app work template from CodeCanyon. We'll be working with a very popular template called Material Design UI Android Template App, which offers five different themes, over 80 ready-to-use screens, and hundreds of beautiful UI components. And if you're hungry for more Android app templates, scroll down after this tutorial for a hand-picked selection!


To be able to follow this tutorial, you'll need:

  • the latest version of Android Studio
  • an Android device or emulator that runs Android 4.4 or higher
  • an Envato account

1. Getting the Template

With over 3,000 sales, Material Design UI Android Template App is one of the most popular Android app templates available on CodeCanyon. To get it, sign in to CodeCanyon using your Envato account and purchase a license for it.

Template on CodeCanyonTemplate on CodeCanyonTemplate on CodeCanyon

You can now download the template as a ZIP file named In addition to the source code, the file contains all the documentation you'll need to make the most of the template. This is way better than working with an Android app design template source code for free.

2. Building the Template

To start using the template, extract the ZIP file and open the Source code/android-AS directory using Android Studio. The IDE will then load the template and automatically download all its dependencies. Once that's done, you can press Shift-F10 to build and run the project.

If you're running Android Studio 3.5 or higher, the build should complete without any errors, and you should be able to see this screen on your device:

Home page of the templateHome page of the templateHome page of the template

Congratulations! In just a few minutes, you managed to build and run your first native Android app template.

3. Exploring the Template

Like most app templates on CodeCanyon, Material Design UI Android Template App has a large variety of features. It has several activities and fragments you can use to quickly add beautiful screens to your apps, such as login screens or splash screens. For example, you can use the LogInPageActivity class to create different types of login screens.

Login screen samplesLogin screen samplesLogin screen samples

If you want to add tabs to your app, instead of starting from scratch, you could try using one of the tab-oriented activities the template has, such as TabMediaActivity or TabShopActivity. Here are two sample tab interfaces:

Tab samplesTab samplesTab samples

Lists are an integral part of most Android apps, but creating them is hard. It involves designing layouts for list items and creating appropriate adapters that work efficiently. While using this template, though, you have access to several list item layouts and adapters. In fact, you'll notice that the template has a directory called adapter, which contains nothing but different types of adapters.

To find the list item layouts, go to the res/layout directory and look for files whose names start with list_item. For example, here's what the list_item_expandable_travel.xml and list_item_expandable_social.xml layouts look like:

List view samplesList view samplesList view samples

If you prefer having cards as list items, consider using the list_item_google_cards.xml layout. But if that's too generic for your liking, you can try using layouts such as list_item_google_cards_media.xml and list_item_google_cards_travel.xml, which are ideal for media player apps and travel-related apps. Here are some sample card layouts:

Card samplesCard samplesCard samples

It's worth noting that the lists you create with this template can support expandable list items, drag and drop, and the swipe-to-dismiss gesture right out of the box.

Navigation drawers are a common feature in apps that follow Material Design guidelines. Because this template focuses on Material Design, you'll find several implementations of navigation drawers in it. The LeftMenusActivity class has everything you'll need to create your drawer. You are, however, free to use one of the more domain-specific activities, such as LeftMenusMediaActivity or LeftMenusSocialActivity, if you think they're better suited for your app.

Navigation drawer samplesNavigation drawer samplesNavigation drawer samples

The default alert dialog you can create with the Android SDK is generally considered too simple to be a part of a well-polished Android app. And styling it so that it matches your app's overall look and feel is rather hard. That's why this template includes several custom dialogs, whose fonts, colors, and layouts can closely match those of your apps.

You can use the DialogUniversalInfoUtils class to create information dialogs that can easily fit into any type of app. Similarly, you can use the DialogUniversalWarningUtils class to create warning dialogs. For domain-specific dialogs, you should try experimenting with classes such as DialogSocialUtils and DialogTravelUtils.

Sample dialog boxesSample dialog boxesSample dialog boxes

In addition to full-fledged activities and layouts, the template has custom styles for common components such as buttons, progress bars, and input fields. You can use them to effortlessly make your user interfaces look more polished. For example, here are some sample checkboxes and text views:

Material Design UI Android Template AppMaterial Design UI Android Template AppMaterial Design UI Android Template App

4. Configuring the Template

The Material Design UI Android Template App supports push notifications with Firebase. In other words, you can use the Firebase Cloud Messaging service to send messages to the apps you create with this template. To enable this feature, all you need to do is generate a google-services.json file on the Firebase console and place it in the UIAppTemplate directory. To add any customizations, you'll have to modify the MyFirebaseMessagingService class.

Material Design has its own color system, and it's important that your app's color palette be based on it. The design language also expects your app to have primary, secondary, and accent colors. This template is aware of both requirements and makes it extremely easy for you to apply Material Design colors to your apps. In the res/values/colors_material.xml file, you can find the hex values of all common Material colors, such as Material Purple, Material Pink, and Material Deep Orange.

By modifying the res/values/styles.xml file, you can easily change the colors of the template. For example, by changing the colorPrimary item, you can change the primary color.

<item name="colorPrimary">@color/main_color_500</item>

Your mobile app template is ready? Wondering how to monetize an Android app? Keep reading and you'll find tutorials and pro tips to monetize iOS app and learn how to monetize an Android app.

5 Premium Android App Templates From CodeCanyon

Are you wondering where to buy Android app templates? Envato Market has hundreds of other Android app templates that you can choose from. There are templates for games and complete applications, as well as comprehensive starter templates like the one we used in this post. 

Here's a hand-picked selection of the best Android app templates from CodeCanyon. Whether you're looking to build an Android WebView app or Android material design components, we've got you covered. 

1. Universal: Full Multi-Purpose Android App

Universal - Full Multi-Purpose Android AppUniversal - Full Multi-Purpose Android AppUniversal - Full Multi-Purpose Android App

Looking to buy an app template? Universal is our best-selling Android app template. With a five-star rating and over 6,000 sales, this is a crowd favorite. No need to work with an  Android app design template source code for free.

If you're looking to buy Android app templates, this is the one to get. This multipurpose Android app template allows you to create many types of apps and is great for beginners. 

It comes with 15+ content providers such as WordPress, social media, video platforms, Google WebView, and more.

Clean and clear code. Fast support and top notch external documentation. Constant updates. Buy this app it's wonderful! -User Appnetwork

2. MaterialX: Android Material Design UI Components

MaterialX - Android Material Design UI ComponentsMaterialX - Android Material Design UI ComponentsMaterialX - Android Material Design UI Components

MaterialX is another top-selling Android app template. If you're looking for Android Material Design components, this one is for you. 

The most complete Android template ever seen. -User MrGladius

You'll get 315+ unique layouts divided into 31 categories. Everything is fully customizable, well organized, and beautifully designed. Make sure all screens are visible if you're creating an Android app presentation template for investors.

3. Universal Android WebView App

Universal Android WebView AppUniversal Android WebView AppUniversal Android WebView App

If you're looking to buy an app template, this is a good option. Android WebView app templates are a great way to build your next app. This Android WebView app features more than 3,000 sales and a five-star rating. This could be adapted for a movie app template for Android.

This WebView app is styled in Material Design and follows the official design guidelines. The app was developed in Android Studio as well. 

With this Android WebView app, you can turn your responsive website into a universal mobile app. 

The app is great overall. However, the support impressed me. Fast and precise. I fully recommend this app. -User hencorreia

4. Restaurant Finder Full Android Application

Restaurant Finder Full Android ApplicationRestaurant Finder Full Android ApplicationRestaurant Finder Full Android Application

Are you looking for a professional restaurant Android app template? This Restaurant Finder is a great option. You can easily customize this restaurant Android app template to build a fantastic app. See what you'll get:

  • GDPR consent ready 
  • Material Design 
  • smart nearby fetch 
  • supports offline usage
  • image caching
  • call, web, and email integration
  • map distance calculation

Make it visually unique. After you're done with the app, you can look for an Android app icon Photoshop template.

5. FireApp Chat: Chat App Template Android

FireApp Chat - Chat App Template AndroidFireApp Chat - Chat App Template AndroidFireApp Chat - Chat App Template Android

Chat app templates for Android are popular Android app templates. This one offers a good Android app login page template. And the FireApp Chat is one of our top-rated items. This chat app template for Android has everything you need for your next app:

  • built using Firebase SDK
  • phone authentication
  • group chat
  • voice and video calls 
  • fingerprint lock
  • dark mode
  • record and share voice messages
  • and more!

Best Customer support and quality design, I'm really grateful. -User mondayclient71

What Is an App Template?

Android app templates are the perfect solution for inexperienced coders who want to create apps but don’t yet have the skill—and for the experienced developer pressed for time. An app template makes it easy for you to customize and start making your own app. No need to start from scratch, mobile app templates offer a variety of useful and tested functions to create the app you want.

If you're an experienced coder, using one of these templates is a great way to jump-start your next project. And if you don't program at all, you'll find templates here to make it possible to create an Android app without having to code a single line! 

Read more about how to use an app template here on Envato Tuts+:

Get The Right App Template For You

Have trouble deciding which template on CodeCanyon is right for you? These articles will help you find from movie app template for Android all the way to an Android app login page template:

Start Building Android App Templates Today!

In this tutorial, I showed you how to download the Material Design UI Android Template App from CodeCanyon, work with it using Android Studio, and customize it to match your preferences. 

With the skills you learned today, you can build your next app by simply picking the required layouts and components from the template and associating your data, assets, and business logic with them.

Don't forget to browse through our extensive Android app templates library on CodeCanyon and get the ones you like! Also consider an Android app presentation template to sell your ideas to potential investors. 

This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva and Janila Castañeda. Maria is an Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel. Janila is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. 

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