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How to Monetize an App: 21 Best Mobile Templates


Are you ready to kick-start your own mobile app development business? Chances are you'd like to use the best development practices for your first app, and also code it as quickly as possible. You'll probably want to monetize your app as well! 

This post will show you some easy ways to launch your next ad-supported app project.

You'll see highly customizable and versatile mobile app templates that you can use in your next development project. Each has Google's AdMob app monetization platform integrated, so you can build a revenue stream for your app from day one.

Universal Multi-Purpose Android App
Universal is one of the best-selling custom mobile app templates from CodeCanyon

These templates are all available from CodeCanyon, where you can buy and download an app template for immediate use in your app development project.

Additionally, we'll look at what app monetization is, list different ways of monetizing your app, and take a brief look at in-app advertising as a way to monetize your app. 

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Where to Buy Mobile App Templates in 2021

Now I will show you some mobile app templates you can buy and download to kick-start your own app. These mobile app templates are highly customizable and versatile. 

If you want to buy mobile app templates, Code Canyon is the best option for you
If you want to buy mobile app templates, CodeCanyon is the best option for you

Each has Google's AdMob app monetization platform neatly integrated, so you can build a revenue stream for your app from day one.

Android Templates

1. Best-Seller: Universal Multi-Purpose Android App 

Universal full multipurpose Android App

Universal is a flexible and versatile app template that can be customized for a broad range of designs. In addition to its built-in AdMob support, the template can easily integrate with more than ten different content providers, including WordPress, YouTube, and Facebook. It is a native Android app and comes with extensive documentation to help you get started.

2. Android News App 

Android News App

Android News App helps you run your own news platform. The app template consists of two components: an Android client and a PHP with MySQL server. The ready-made app template also provides you with full control over AdMob, allowing you to enable and disable features according to your specific requirements. The RTL (right to left) mode will come in handy if you want to add languages other than English and expand your global audience.

3. City Guide—Map App for Android 

City Guide

City Guide is a location-aware map and places app for the Android platform. The application development template features eight different color themes, animated effects, responsive design, and a lot more.

Also, the custom mobile app template is built with easily configurable, cleanly written code, and its documentation will make getting started a breeze. It uses a local SQL database to store data, so reliance on the user's internet connection is minimized. And, of course, it supports AdMob (banners and interstitial ads). 

4. Cookbook—Recipe App for Android 


Cookbook is an Android app template for sharing cooking recipes. With easily configurable and customizable code, you can create your own app with relatively little effort and time. The custom mobile app template features a responsive Material Design interface and a local SQLite database in addition to its AdMob monetization support. So it's time to start "cooking" your app, using Cookbook.

5. Your Recipes App 

Your Recipes App

Another great cooking app template, Your Recipes App is a complete platform with an Android client and PHP-based server. The powerful Admin Panel lets you manage your content to keep content up to date and error-free. You can send push notifications to your users with Firebase and OneSignal. There is even RTL (right to left) language support, which will help if you want to expand into other languages.

Android WebView App Templates

6. Best-Seller: Universal Android WebView App 

Universal Android WebView App

Universal Android WebView App has a simple goal—bundle a solid Android WebView component with AdMob ads. The ready-made app template has lots of nice extra features such as Material Design styling, geolocation, and pull-to-refresh gesture support. It supports app development in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and other web technologies, but at the same time offers its responsive design and clean native code as well.

7. RocketWeb


RokcetWeb is another WebView-based app for Android. It comes with a lot of configuration options, and you don't need to learn any programming languages to make changes to the app. What sets it apart from the competition is the wide selection of available themes. There are over 50 color schemes for you to choose from, based on the theme of your own website.

The application development template comes with support for RTL view, a dynamic sliding menu, and push notifications. There is also integration for AdMob to serve ads.

8. SuperView WebView App for Android

SuperView WebView App for Android

The SuperView WebView app for Android is great for people who already have a website and want to quickly create a mobile app that pulls up the content from the website.

If you need to buy mobile app templates, look for something like this one. The full app template comes integrated with AdMob, social logins, and in-app billing. Other features of the app include Firebase push notifications, geolocation, a splash screen, and a loading indicator.

9. Web2App 


Web2App is another app template that provides an Android WebView component, and it's packed with features. This ready-made app template offers countless possibilities for customization. Not only that, but its comprehensive documentation, along with video tutorials and step-by-step instructions, make your job much easier than you might have thought possible.

10. WebViewGold for Android 

WebViewGold for Android

If you have a website you want to convert into an Android app, then WebViewGold is perfect for you. WebViewGold for Android is an Android Studio package that wraps your URL (or local HTML) content into a real, native Android app! No more coding, no more plugins needed. This application development template supports all kinds of web apps and websites, including HTML, PHP, WordPress, progressive web apps, and HTML5 games. It also supports AdMob banners and full-screen interstitial ads.

Android Media App Templates

11. Your Radio App 

Your Radio App

Your Radio App is an internet radio streaming app for Android. It supports several popular streaming formats, including M3U and AAC. This is a well-thought-out app with some nice features. For example, the ability to stop the radio when someone is calling is useful. The powerful admin panel, the great-looking Material Design UI, and the Google Cloud Messaging push notifications are also worth mentioning.

12. Your Videos Channel 

Your Videos Channel

Your Videos Channel is a great app template for those who just need to build a video streaming platform. It doesn't matter whether you choose to serve videos from YouTube or from your own server. This full app template is capable of handling either of those options. It has a beautiful Material Design UI, a responsive Admin Panel, and support for OneSignal push notifications. It's a great way to keep users engaged with your video content while also building an additional revenue source.

13. All in One Status Saver

All in One Status Saver

This is an amazing video downloader app that allows users to save videos and status updates from all popular social media platforms. You can use it to save stories, images, and videos from Instagram. You can also save videos from Twitter and Facebook. It even gives you the option to save images and videos from WhatsApp status updates.

The application development template comes with two different UI options, and both of them have integrated AdMob and Facebook Ads.

14. Material Wallpaper 

Material Wallpaper

Android wallpaper apps are quite popular, and Material Wallpaper is a great way to cater to that market segment. It's designed according to Google's Material Design guidelines, so users get the visual experience they're expecting. The template can manage an unlimited number of categories and image galleries, thanks to its powerful and responsive admin panel. In addition to AdMob integration, it features Firebase Analytics and push notifications too.

iOS Templates

15. Web2App for iOS 

Web2App for IOS

Web2App for iOS is the iOS version of the Web2App template mentioned above. This template is highly customizable and ships with comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, and step-by-step instructions that make it easy to get started. You can choose from countless display modes and colors to suit your requirements, and of course customize the AdMob integration.

16. SuperView—WebView App

SuperView - WebView App

SuperView allows you to wrap your website in a simple iOS app. It's ideal for web developers who want to ease the difficult learning curve associated with the Swift programming language and iOS SDK. The quality of the coding and design in this template are really impressive.

17. WebViewGold for iOS 

WebViewGold for iOS

If you have a website you want to convert into an iOS app, then WebViewGold is perfect for you. WebViewGold is a Swift Xcode package which wraps your URL (or local HTML) into a real, native iOS app! No more coding, no more plugins needed. It’s optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It supports AdMob banner and full-screen interstitial ads.

18. RealEstate Finder App

RealEastate Finder App

As the name suggests, this is a real estate finder app for iOS. It comes with a user-friendly interface and some nice animation effects for user interactions. Users will be able to create their own profile in the app. You can also add, delete, or edit any real estate listings.

There is social integration for both Facebook and Twitter. Users can also communicate using emails, SMS, or calls. As an app owner, you will be able to display ads thanks to the app's built-in AdMob integration.

Mobile Cross-Platform Templates

19. Lesath - Ionic 5 WooCommerce Full Mobile App Solution for iOS & Android

Lesath - Ionic 5 WooCommerce Full Mobile App Solution

Check out this complete mobile template solution for your WooCommerce store. If you want to take your online store to the next level, get this ready-made app template and build a powerful app. See what you'll get:

  • Dokan and WC multi-vendor support
  • multi-currency and multi-language
  • 40+ screens with dark mode available
  • multiple widgets
  • full WooCommerce integration
  • free updates
  • unlimited colors and home styles

20. Best eCommerce Solution With Delivery App

Best eCommerce Solution with Delivery App

This iOS and Android app template is a complete eCommerce solution for grocery shopping, medical, fashion, electronics, and any kind of store. 

The mobile template comes with four components: a Laravel website, Ionic 5 customer application for Android and iOS, Ionic 5 delivery boy application, and a powerful admin panel to manage everything. Other features include:

  • 20+ product card styles
  • 10 homepage styles
  • multiple category screens
  • multiple payment methods

21. Ionic 5 Food Delivery Full (Android + iOS + Admin Panel PWA)

Ionic 5 food delivery full (Android + iOS + Admin Panel PWA)

Full app templates like this are a must for 2021. This mobile template pack comes with three main apps and an Admin Panel with PWA support. See everything you get in these iOS and Android app templates:

  • three main apps (user app, restaurant app, and delivery app)
  • support for multiple restaurants
  • multiple languages
  • multiple payment gateways (cash on delivery, PayPal,  Stripe)
  • unique and attractive UI
  • address from geo-location
  • live location tracking
  • push notifications with custom alerts
  • restaurant and food reviews

This is a five-star-rated app. User husseina3 says:

This app template is the best full-stack app template. Very impressive design and works well. very good customer support as well.

Understanding App Monetization

The market is saturated with free apps, which has made it difficult to make revenue from selling apps. But your app can still be a very reliable income source. Researchers are predicting that combined global mobile app revenue will reach $200 billion. 

There are a number of different ways to monetize your app. 

Here are some examples:

  1. free and premium versions 
  2. advertising 
  3. in-app purchases 
  4. licensing your code to other developers
  5. selling your app in marketplaces like CodeCanyon 
  6. using sign-up data to do SMS marketing and email marketing 
  7. subscriptions 

What Is an App Template?

If you have an idea for an app but you have no coding knowledge, don’t be discouraged. There are developers who build mobile app templates that you can buy and customize and make them into your own app. 

If you are a developer, instead of starting from scratch, an app template can be your starting point.  

An app template is a pre-built application that has a lot of the core functionality already provided for you. The next step is for you to customize it to create the final app you want. 

Read more about how to use an app template here on Envato Tuts+!

App Templates for Monetization

If you want to make money out of your app, some mobile app templates come with Google's AdMob app monetization platform already integrated into them. You can start making money with your app from the time it launches.  

What Is Google AdMob?

AdMob is an app monetization platform by Google. Developers have been using the AdMob advertising system to monetize their apps while still making them available for free. 

There are many online platforms and networks for hosting mobile ads, but Google AdMob is one of the most popular. 

What Does a Monetization App Template Do?

It comes with built-in AdMob functionality that allows you to monetize your app. In this case, you begin making advertising revenue by showing ads on your app. 

Why Should You Use a Monetization App Template?

With a template, you don’t have to start building your app from scratch. You can start from a strong foundation, and AdMob is already set up for you.

Let’s take a brief look at one of the most popular ways of monetizing apps: in-app advertising. 

In-App Advertising

Digital advertising is the dominant form of online marketing. Advertisers realize mobile apps are the best way to reach consumers because people spend a lot of time on mobile apps and people prefer free apps. The catch for free apps is ads. Many developers offer their apps for free and use in-app advertising as a source of revenue. 

The seven most common ad formats used in apps include: 

  • interstitial ads: also known as full-screen ads, they display across a screen after the app loads or closes or in the transition between screens 
  • banner ads: these display at the top or bottom of the screen with text and graphics
  • native ads: these don’t look like ads, but instead they integrate seamlessly into the app and appear as if they are part of the content of the app 
  • video ads
  • notification ads: deliver ads to the notification area of the user's mobile device
  • capture forms: an opt-in form where users can enter their email addresses for newsletters
  • interactive ads 

When you decide to monetize your app by incorporating ads, these are some things you should consider:

  • Do the ads enhance or interrupt the experience of your app users? 
  • If you decide to run ads in your app, how can you make your users' experiences meaningful? 
  • What advertisers do you want to associate your business or app with? 
  • Do the ads reflect your brand? Are they tied to what your business does? 
  • Too many ads on your mobile app may drive away users. 
  • Too many ads may also hinder the functionality of your app. 

Since these factors can adversely affect your app income, it is important to find the right balance.

Get an App Template Now!

App templates are a great way to jump-start your next development project or to learn from other people's work. Pick one of these great app templates today to speed up the development of your next app. Your time is valuable, and you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to get a head start on your next project. 

There are many more mobile templates available on CodeCanyon. Put one of them to use right now, or read more about how to use an app template here on Envato Tuts+!

This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva, a journalist and writer with many years of experience working in digital media.

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