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9 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration

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Whether you are running a food take-out, tourism, or ride-sharing business, you need an app. And all these apps will be better with built-in Google Maps! In this post, I'll show you how to create Google Maps integration with an Android app using an app template.

FND is one of the many high-quality Android app templates with maps integration available on CodeCanyon.

CodeCanyon offers a wide range of Android app templates with Google Maps integrations so you don't have to spend time and money coding your own from scratch. By using a professionally designed app template, you will be sure to get your app off on the right foot. 

The Best Google Maps Integrations With Android App Templates on CodeCanyon

Discover some of the best Android app templates with Google Maps built-in ever created on Envato Market's CodeCanyon. With a cheap one-time payment, you can purchase one of these high-quality Android app templates. 

Here are a few of the best Android app templates with Google Maps integrations available on CodeCanyon for 2021.

Android map app templatesAndroid map app templatesAndroid map app templates
Best-selling Android app templates with map integrations available on CodeCanyon.

Developing an app with a built-in Google Maps integration can be complex. By taking advantage of the Android app templates on CodeCanyon, you don't have to worry about this development process anymore.

The templates with Google Maps integrations on CodeCanyon have plenty of high-quality features that will help make your app that much better in the eyes of your customer. 

Here are the features that you can expect to see in these apps:

  • AdMob integration
  • responsive designs
  • GDPR compliant practices
  • Firebase Analytics 

Top 9 Android App Templates With Maps Integration (From CodeCanyon for 2021)

1. NearbyStores


The NearbyStores app template is a useful option for developers looking to create apps that allow users to find businesses in their area and, thanks to the integrated Google Maps view, to find the easiest and fastest route to them. 

The app is great for business owners as they can send push notifications to mobile clients to inform them about new offers and events nearby. It is also a great tool for customers who can access information about stores in their locale and can take advantage of reviews, comments, and ratings on stores.

Other great features:

  • Google Analytics
  • AdMob ready
  • real-time chat possible
  • supports multiple languages
  • integrated booking systems
  • supports PayPal and Stripe payment systems
  • and more 

Here is what Autopop says about the app in his review:

“Best customer support! They help me to install and set it up. I've had a lot of emails, questions, they reply to each telling me exactly what I had to do!”

2. Catch The Monsters

If you loved Pokémon and want to create a similar app, then this Catch The Monsters geolocation game template is for you. As the administrator of the app, your job is to place as many monsters as you like in various locations anywhere in the world you choose. 

Users of the app search for the monsters around their area. When they get close enough, they can trace the route to the monsters using the integrated map feature. When they find and catch the monsters, they earn points, with the goal of getting onto the top 10 leaderboard. Users also have the option of sharing their stats on social networks and SMS.

Catch The MonstersCatch The MonstersCatch The Monsters

Other great features: 

  • AdMob banners
  • comprehensive user guide
  • push notifications
  • stats and caught monster list
  • and more

User milkywaylabs says:

“Perfect app and excellent support!”

3. Event Finder

Event FinderEvent FinderEvent Finder

Do you need to show events that are happening around your audience's location? Event Finder gives your users the power to find concerts, music festivals, plays, and any other type of event that is happening nearby. Users can create a favorites list of events, as well as viewing current news. 

Here are of few of this app's notable features:

  • points of interest and events are ranked
  • social login 
  • back-end geolocation and reverse geolocation 
  • offline usage
  • AdMob integration

4. RealEstate Finder

RealEstate FinderRealEstate FinderRealEstate Finder

Real Estate Finder has a very similar user interface to the previous app, Event Finder. You can easily find real estate with this app using the integrated Google Maps view and detailed filters. Each property has detailed descriptions and displays plenty of images.  

Here are a few of the features you can expect to see in this Android app template:

  • GDPR consent ready
  • offline usage
  • add, edit, and delete real estate listings
  • social login 
  • SMS integration

5. Store Finder 

Store Finder Store Finder Store Finder 

The Store Finder app template allows developers to create apps that help users find stores near them and let store owners add their store to the app’s listing. Apart from helping users to find their desired store, the app's integrated map also has a powerful zoom feature which allows users to view details of the store’s location and go to the store details with one click.

Other great features:

  • store image gallery
  • shows reviews for each store where available
  • AdMob integrated
  • social media sharing possible
  • and more

User SmoothNerds says:

“They deliver excellent customer service. Great communication via Skype and fast customization. Will definitely keep an eye on their portfolio or ask them for future projects.”

6. Listingo


This Android app is the ideal solution for service providers. The app is a business directory for service providers of all types and provides a way for customers to get in contact and even book appointments with service providers.

Note that this app that will work only with Listingo—Service Providers, Business Finder and Directory Listing Booking WordPress Theme available on ThemeForest.

Here are a few of the app template's features:

  • Google AdMob and Google Maps integration
  • user profile management
  • OneSignal push notifications
  • provider gallery
  • live chat

Here is what miguelcravero has to say about this template:

"Sincerely the best support service on CodeCanyon. I recommended 100% of their products."

7. Trid: City Travel Guide

Trid: City Travel GuideTrid: City Travel GuideTrid: City Travel Guide

Are you looking to create a handy travel guide app for your city? Trid is the perfect app template. This template allows you to list different locations in categories, and users can save their favorite spots.

Other features include:

  • weather highlights
  • the ability to ask and share
  • works offline without an internet connection
  • and much more

8. City Directory Android Native App

City Directory Android Native AppCity Directory Android Native AppCity Directory Android Native App

City Directory is an excellent template for creating an app that showcases your city’s places and other essential details such as important phone numbers, websites, and operation hours.

This app will fetch data from Google Place API, so you don’t need to add places yourself.

Other features include:

  • push notifications
  • AdMob integration
  • and much more

9. Ultimate City Guide

Ultimate City GuideUltimate City GuideUltimate City Guide

Another choice of app template for developers looking to create a guide to key locations around a city of their choice, Ultimate City Guide can be adapted as a guide for tourists and locals alike. City locations can be viewed in a list view, by category, or by their location on a map. When users select a map location icon, they are given directions to the restaurant they’ve selected. The template also gives app owners five monetisation methods, including native ads and referrals to booking websites. 

Other great features:

  • supports user login via Facebook or email 
  • ratings and reviews of places 
  • sorting by distance, name, or rating 
  • and more 

User candrareza says:

"Awesome work! Clean Code! Very quick support!”

5 Free Android App Templates for Download in 2021

The premium Android app templates available on CodeCanyon will undoubtedly give you the most advanced features and the best possible user experience. They are complete apps with full source code—in many cases you can customize them to create your own working app, without any coding. However, if you're on a tight budget, you might not want to use a paid template. The good news is that there are free alternatives to these premium mobile app templates.

Many mobile app design templates or UI kits have been created by designers and are free to download and use in your own project. To create an app from one of these free app design templates, you will need to do all the coding yourself, though. The UI kit or design template will only include the layout and graphics for your app—you'll have to figure out how to turn this design into a real app.

Below is a collection of five great mobile app design templates that you can download for free in 2021.

1. Chat List Template Design

Chat List Template DesignChat List Template DesignChat List Template Design

This chat list app template gives you a starting point for creating your next chat app. This template can also be implemented into any existing app idea you have that needs a chat. The template features a swipe left delete feature. 

2. Social App Template Design

Social App Template is a three-tabbed social media Android UI kit with three XML-ready screens. The screens feature a clean and modern interface that will make for a good user experience. 

3. Wallet App Sketch Resource

Wallet App Sketch ResourceWallet App Sketch ResourceWallet App Sketch Resource

This wallet template has three screens that feature a minimalist design. The screens allow you to easily see your balances and choose who you are sending money to. This template is a great starting point for any wallet app. 

4. Reports App

reports appreports appreports app

This app is a reports app concept for Android which would allow you to create, edit, and share reports on the go. The template design comes with 4+ screens that are eye-catching and will provide a quality user experience.

5. Login Signup Template Design

If you are in need of a login screen for your next app, then this template is ideal. Included with your download are two simple login screens where the user can input their email, password, user name, and mobile number.

Discover More Best-Selling Android App Templates in 2021

The Android app templates mentioned above are some of the top app templates available on CodeCanyon. However, these templates may be what your business needs right now, or you may need even more templates. That is why I have linked to three other Envato Tuts+ articles that feature even more best-selling Android app templates that you can download from CodeCanyon right now!

This post has been updated with contributions from Esther Vaati. Esther is a software developer and writer for Envato Tuts+.

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