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Best Material Design Android App Templates


Android app templates are an indispensable tool for budding developers who want to improve their coding skills by studying the building blocks of an app while building their own. They're also useful for more experienced developers who are looking to cut down on the time and effort involved in creating an app from scratch and focus their energies on the unique and customised parts of creating a new app.

With this in mind, it is really worth considering a Material Design template. Why, you might ask? Well, because Material Design, an Android-oriented design language created by Google, combines the principles of good design with the innovation of technology to create an onscreen touch experience that is second to none.  

Take one of CodeCanyon's best Material Design Android app templates for a spin and you'll see what I mean.

1. Material Design UI Android Template App 

Material Design UI

Material Design UI is a stylish and modern Android UI template with five gorgeous themes that can be used to make any app project stand out from the crowd. The template themes focus on social, travel, media, and shopping apps, and there is a universal theme that can be used with a wider variety of apps. The template uses hundreds of UI elements that can be recombined endlessly to create a beautiful and unique-looking app.

User mposhtkouhi says:

"Good collection of UI code. Saves you a tremendous amount of time.

2. Universal Android WebView App

Universal Android WebView App

Some clients want to convert their site into a beautiful app that allows their visitors to access key features of their website from their mobile phones and tablets, easily and seamlessly. Universal Android WebView App allows developers to make that happen with minimum fuss. It is compatible with WordPress and other web frameworks, is highly customisable, and is packed with features.

User Linkadmin says:

"Awesome app! Clean, well organized code and excellent documentation that guides you through customization"

3. MaterialX


MaterialX is a UI template that makes your apps look amazing by providing you with beautiful, ready-to-use materials, so that no matter what app you’re creating, you can implement it in the code. Features include grid, list, and tab views, media player, social media timeline, eCommerce shopping, and more. 

User tusharmate says:

"Nice designs. Good quality. Many layouts available to design your projects."

4. Android News App

Android News App

Need to create a mobile news app for Android devices? Look no further than the Android News App template. Users can view the latest news in different categories, save articles as favourites, get notified about the latest articles, and more. It comes with an easy-to-use admin dashboard for modifying the news categories and other details.

User saurabhn says:

"Extremely well-made app. Good code quality and documentation."

5. SuperView—WebView App

SuperViewWebView App

SuperView helps you create a single page web app with on-screen or no navigation, like an interactive page or web-based slideshow. It's perfect for web developers who want to ease the difficult learning curve associated with writing native apps in Java.

User Ankudowicz says:

"Very good and easy to edit code. Good work"

6. Universal Android App

Universal Android App

Universal Android App is one of the best and most popular Material Design Android app templates available at CodeCanyon. This awesome app lets users create just about any app they want by pulling in unlimited content from sources such as blogs, timelines, feeds, channels, playlists, or webpages, and easily combine them into one customisable app. The template supports the most popular web content sources, like WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, and RSS.

User VishnuGoyalLIVE says:

'Thanks for this wonderful app template. I'm not a professional coder and I was able to launch my Android app with Universal.'

7. eCommerce Online Shop App

eCommerce  Online Shop App

eCommerce Online Shop App is an Android app template for creating eCommerce apps to promote and sell your product. The app offers a powerful admin panel for managing orders, creating categories and product menus, and organising currencies, taxes, and users. The UI implementation is based on Material Design guidelines. The template uses the official Google support library and is built using the latest Android Suite.

User ManoharOfficial says:

'Awesome developer. Well organized code and documentation. Would like to purchase more in the future.'

8. City Guide

City Guide

Create your own handy travel guide app for the city of your choice with the City Guide Android app template. The template, which was developed in Android Studio and styled with Material Design, doesn’t require programming skills to use, and with just one config file to set up, is easy to configure and customise. 

You can organise your chosen city highlights in categories like attractions, sports, hotels, or nightlife. These chosen highlights can also be viewed as clickable spots on an interactive map which uses geolocation to identify your phone’s current position and distance from each highlight.

User michalis1984 says:

“Great start point to build your own app (if you know coding) or to use as it is to create a simple basic app with the provided functionality with limited or even no knowledge of coding. Great work! Coding structure is clear.”

9. Your Radio App

Your Radio App

Your Radio App is perfect for developers who want to create their own mobile Internet radio-streaming app. With a powerful admin panel, the app can manage unlimited radio stations and categories and supports many formats.

User sbonyaka says:

"Great online radio streaming app for Android. The app is truly amazing and works exactly as advertised and comes with easy to use documentation, as well a good level of support from the developer."

10. Cookbook Recipe App

Cookbook Recipe App

The Cookbook Recipe App template gives experienced and novice developers alike an easy way to make their own recipe app, as it doesn’t require programming skills and the code is easy to configure and customise.

The app has many great built-in features like a drawer menu with categories, shopping list, favourites, a powerful search, Google Analytics, various animations and effects, and more.

Cookbook Recipe App stores recipes in a local SQLite database so users can run the app without an Internet connection.

User okopca says:

'Great code, great developer.'


That's it for our list of the best Material Design Android app templates. Though we've limited our list to 10, there are many more wonderful Material Design app templates available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from. If you want to find other great Android app templates, check out these very useful articles below:

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