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15 Best Android App Templates for Business


Are you planning to build a business app for Android, but you want to cut down some of the tedious parts of coding and focus on the more interesting work of making your app unique?

Active eCommerce Android App
The Active eCommerce Android App is available on CodeCanyon

With premium Android business app templates, you can make unique apps that can be customized or configured for the needs of particular clients. They come with plenty of functionality, including the ability to monetize them through adverts and in-app purchases. 

Top-Selling Business Android App Templates for 2021 on CodeCanyon

Grab one of these business Android app templates. They come with ready-to-use designs and functionality. All the time-consuming programming has already been done for you, so you can focus on designing an app that kicks ass. 

Get the best business app templates for Android from CodeCanyon
Get the best business app templates for Android from CodeCanyon

15 Best Business App Templates for Android on CodeCanyon 

On CodeCanyon, you can find loads of awesome and stylish business app templates that relate to all aspects of business, from increasing productivity to keeping on top of expenses and increasing a company’s visibility in an ever more crowded field.

1. Active eCommerce Android App

Active eCommerce Android App

Active eCommerce is a business app template that transforms your eCommerce CMS into a mobile app. This is a great option if you need to create an app for your business. See some great features:

  • smart cart system
  • easy checkout
  • product wishlist
  • multiple shipping addresses
  • advanced search
  • social media login
  • customer reviews

Note: Active eCommerce CMS must be installed on your server for this app to work.

2. Chef: Multi-Restaurant Digital Menu App

Chef - Multi-Restaurant Digital Menu App

Do you need to create an app for your business in the food industry? Then this is a fantastic mobile business app template.

Chef is a full solution for your food business. You'll get five services in one purchase: website, admin panel, customer React app, store web panel, and an iOS and Android app.

This business app template has a five-star rating. User keiornexo said:

It's honestly great code, it works well, and it's very neat between views and controllers, something that I really appreciate a lot. Thanks for this great product, I look forward to new products from the developer.

3. GoGreen: Multi-Store Android App

GoGreen - Multi Store Vendor Android App

GoGreen is a great mobile business app. If you've got a delivery business or a store with delivery services, this is the app you need. See what's included in this business phone app for Android:

  • customer Android app source code
  • vendor or store Android app source code
  • delivery boy Android app source code
  • admin panel PHP script source code
  • database file and installation documentation

This business app template also has a five-star rating. User sumerbhai1 said:

The app itself is a wonderful product and above everything else, the customer support from this developer is super awesome and they are ready to help you out with great patience. Absolutely recommended.

4. Salon and Spa Appointment Booking App for Android

Salon & Spa Appointment Booking App For Android

Are you looking for Android apps for small business owners? Maybe you need to create an app for your business in the beauty industry. 

The Salon and Spa Appointment Booking App is a great option for you. This business app template is a simple, flexible, and powerful piece of booking software for your spa or salon business.

See what customer shopzonedo said about this five-star mobile business app: 

Customer support is top-notch and this app so far is the best booking app I've come across on CodeCanyon.

5. Chat Bot

ChatBot - Bot Messenger Virtual Assistant

Looking for business chat apps for your business? Chatbots have a proven track record of helping businesses deliver great customer service. Their ease, speed, and convenience improve productivity.

The Chat Bot template allows developers to build chatbots for their clients. This business texting app is a native virtual assistant app that can be integrated into another Android app using Firebase. It comes with developer-friendly commented code, AdMob integration, and push notifications. 

6. Weboox Convert: Perfex CRM

Weboox Convert - Perfex CRM to app Android

Keeping on top of the small details boosts customer satisfaction. Weboox Convert: Perfex CRM allows developers to build Android CRM apps that help clients do just that. This business phone app for Android makes it easy to customize the colors and add your own icons to reflect your brand.

You can add custom CSS to optimize the device’s screen page and create a unified look. The app also detects automatically when there is no connection and prompts the user to continue when the Internet is restored.

7. Videon

Videon - A video streaming android app

Immediacy makes video the ultimate user engagement tool that reaches wider audiences and brings traffic to your business. What better app to accomplish this than Videon!

This Android video app is built with native Java in Android Studio. It has an admin panel in which you can publish videos by uploading them on YouTube or Vimeo. 

8. Payment App

Payment App Template - Mobile Android and iOS compatible

Unreliable payment gateways lead to abandoned shopping carts, loss of profit, and loss of potential customers. You need Android apps for small business owners like this one.

Payment App allows developers to build reliable and trustworthy payment-related apps for businesses. It comes with a beautiful UI and screen designs that are easy to understand. There are screens for login and registration, payment management, and transaction history.

9. NewsExtra

news extra

Keeping on top of the news—particularly as it pertains to business—is critical to every business, so a great news app is a crucial asset.

NewsExtra allows developers to create their own news app with headlines, breaking news labels, various categories, deep link sharing, video and image support, and much more. What’s great is that the app can be customized to pull news from pre-determined sources so that users only get news that is relevant to their needs. 

10. Daily Workouts 

Daily Workouts - No Equipment Required

Fitness gives you the stamina you need to run your business. Thankfully, Daily Workouts reminds you to take a break and get some exercise. You don't need equipment to be in shape. It comes loaded with ten exercises you can follow, including GIF animations showing you how to do each one. You can pause the workout, skip to the next exercise, or go back to the previous one. It also has a smart calendar to track your activity.

11. Events App Template

Events Android Universal Events App Template

One thing a good business has to do is communicate, and with the Events App Template, developers can create an app that allows business users to store and share information about upcoming events with clients and colleagues alike. 

Users just need to press a button to add events they’re interested in to their native calendar app or to open an event’s address in Google Maps to get directions. They can also share news about the event on Facebook, Twitter, email, Messenger, or other social apps they use.

12. Daily Expense Tracker 

Daily Expense Tracker & Monthly Budget Planner For Android

Keeping track of our expenses helps us have better control over our money, but it can be a real pain. Daily Expense Tracker is an app template for designers who want to create an efficient financial tracker. It is designed to organize income and expenses and record the movement of money by date. 

Users can review reports on their finances over a day, a week, a month, or a year. The app can remind users to pay bills and can also help them to manage receipts so that getting reimbursements for business expenses is easy.

13. SPREE Retail and Staff Management

SPREE Retail and Staff Management

Imagine managing all the functions of your business from an app. SPREE is a point-of-sale mobile app that has efficiency built into it. You can easily manage employees, customers, sales, payments, purchases, returns, store expenses, store documents, suppliers, and inventory. 

You can send emails, texts, and make calls from the app to your customers, staff, and suppliers. You can also earn from this app through a SaaS-enabled system and ads. It is perfect for stores, hotels, restaurants, clubs, market stalls, and more. 

14. Offers and Deals: Advanced Order System

Offers & Deals - Advanced Order System Native Apps

Everyone loves a good deal. And when you've got a mobile business app to help you, it's even better. The Offers and Deals app has a smart search and find function that locates the business you need (restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, supermarkets) and deals in a specific area.

See what's included in the business phone app for Android:

  • advanced web dashboard
  • multi-proposal business app
  • order management system
  • Google Maps integration
  • rea- time chat
  • PayPal and credit cards integration
  • top-quality, clean code

15. Clickkart: Multi Vendor Shopping Android App 

Clickkart - Multi Vendor Shopping Android App

Clickkart is a great business app template. This mobile business app is a scalable, multi-vendor app built on Android Native, so it's a great solution if you need to create an app for your business.

The intuitive interface of the shopping app is fully customizable, and it provides easy navigation. See some other cool features: 

  • easy registration
  • user profile
  • shop by store or category
  • product listing
  • user-friendly cart
  • powerful admin panel

Things to Consider When Choosing a Business App

1. Needs Analysis

The question to ask yourself is: can you make do with the tools you are already using? And if you have to get that new app, what specific solutions should the app offer? So before you spend money on the new app with bells and whistles you think you can't live without, it is important to do a thorough audit of your workflow and processes. This allows you to have an extensive knowledge of the pain points and needs of your business. 

2. Growth 

As your business grows and expands, will the apps you're considering accommodate your growth and expansion? Will you need to replace them every time your business makes great leaps forward? And if so, consider how much disruption this will cause and how it will affect your customers and your bottom line.

3. Do Your Research 

Know about the features and how they specifically help your workflow and productivity. Read reviews and ratings to see what are people are saying about the app. This can be a good indicator of the quality of the app template and also the trustworthiness of the provider. 

4. Ease of Customization

Being able to adapt the app to your needs is important. Find out how you can customize it to do what you want it to do for you. It may cost more, but if need be, ask the developer to do it for you. 

4 Tips for Marketing Your App

Building your app and launching it is just the beginning! Customers have to know that your app exists. There is very stiff competition. Promoting your app is something you will need to do on a daily basis. Here are some tips to help market your app. 

1. Landing Pages Create Anticipation

Landing pages with a video teaser create anticipation. This is a great engagement strategy. Studies have shown high rates of mobile downloads. 

2. Promotion on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms provide a built-in audience eager to hear about your app.  

3. Put Your Email List to Use

Sending out regular and interesting newsletter emails to your audience creates engagement. Find creative ways to have visitors on your website sign up for your newsletter. Subscribe to an email marketing platform like Mailchimp.

4. Invest in Great Content 

Post regular, interesting, useful content that customers can apply to their own lives to show that you have more to offer them than getting them to buy your stuff. Think of how the knowledge you have gained in your niche can be useful to your customers. 

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And if you want to improve your skills building Android apps and templates, then check out some of the ever-so-useful Android tutorials we have on offer.

Launch Your Android App With a Great Template

These business app templates for Android are just a small selection of the hundreds of Android app templates we have available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva, a journalist and writer with many years of experience working in digital media.

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