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Code a Custom Drupal Module



Drupal 8 has made it easy to create engaging, content-driven websites for you and your customers. You have been following along with our courses on Envato Tuts+ and learning all the new tips and tricks to wow your clients. Then, you get a phone call. Your biggest client needs you to create some highly customized functionality and embed it somewhere on their site. How are you going to accomplish that? Modules, that's how.

In Drupal 8, any time you need to create new logic, custom pages, routes, or forms, you will reach for the module. Drupal 8 modules are easy to learn, but provide so much capability that you will find yourself coming back to them again and again. Follow along with this course and, with just some basic knowledge of Drupal 8 and a little bit of PHP, you will be up and running with modules in no time.

If you've never used Drupal before, why not watch our course Beginner's Guide to Building Sites With Drupal. Or build on your Drupal skills with our course How to Build a Custom Theme for Drupal 8.