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TypeScript Fundamentals



JavaScript is a very popular and widespread language, but it has a lot of limitations. When it was created, web pages were much simpler, and JavaScript was used for adding simple interactivity. The language has evolved since then, but it can be hard to create large-scale applications in JavaScript.

That's where TypeScript comes in. TypeScript is a superscript of JavaScript that adds strong typing and some really powerful tooling. You can annotate as much or as little of your code as you want. This makes it easier to specify APIs, and TypeScript's compile-time checking can eliminate a lot of errors in your code.

In this course, Markus Mühlberger will share the fundamentals to get you started using TypeScript in your apps. You'll learn the basic language syntax with some simple and practical examples, starting with typed variable declarations and working through namespaces, generics, decorators, and advanced types. You'll also get some pro tip dos and don'ts that are sure to save you some trouble in the future!

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