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20 Useful PHP Frameworks Available on CodeCanyon


"There's no reason to reinvent the wheel."

Not only is reinventing something that already exists time ill spent, it's also usually ill-fated. The same can be said with web development. This is why using a framework can be vital to a project's success.

A framework "is designed to support the development of web applications including web services, web resources and web APIs. Web frameworks aim to alleviate the overhead associated with common activities performed in web development."

So with that, let's look at 20 useful PHP frameworks available on Envato Market.

1. xCRUD - Data Management System (PHP CRUD)

CRUD stands for Create-Read-Update-Delete. Much like a full CMS (Content Management System), managing your data with xCRUD - Data Management System (PHP CRUD) will save you lots of time and resources, as any good framework should.

xCRUD - Data Management System PHP CRUD

This offers many different ways to interact with your data and "scaffolding", even for those who are not full programmers.

This CRUD framework uses PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.x and has a lot to offer:

  • easily integrates with any script, framework or CMS
  • table joining, subselects, relations
  • multi-instance system
  • single-line syntax
  • and more!

With Bootstrap support and a simple WordPress plugin for simple integration, xCRUD - Data Management System (PHP CRUD) is waiting for you to build something amazing with it.

2. Smart Forms

The sky's the limit with the Smart Forms framework.

Using the latest in web technologies, you'll be able to create clean, professional, responsive forms.

Smart Forms

Create multiple steps and use modal popup forms and so much more:

  • AJAX PHP forms and CAPTCHA
  • 40+ starter form templates
  • date and time picker
  • UI sliders
  • and more!

This form framework is regularly updated, and with the conditional logic, branching, and data export, you may never need another online form web solution.

Smart Forms is smart.

3. Laravel CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator

Laravel CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator provides the framework you need to build a CRUD web application CMS.

Transform your MySQL database!

Laravel CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator
"Introducing, The Real framework environment to Build Backend Administrator & Frontend for real Internet / Intranet web application with tons of additional CMS plugin possibilities."

Features include:

  • user management and CRUD builder
  • built in login, users, and groups
  • front-end and back-end template
  • Bootstrap 3 based
  • and more!

Use the Laravel CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator to build your next Internet or Intranet web app—quicker and easier than ever before.

4. Real Estate Agency Portal

Building a real estate website doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, using the Real Estate Agency Portal offers a framework that can lead to an impressive online real estate portal.

Real Estate Agency Portal

There are several features that you'll enjoy here:

  • unique menu and page builder with seven color styles
  • visual energy efficient module
  • customizable fields
  • easy to translate
  • and more!

This offers more than just a way for realtors to display properties, but a full-featured means for listings to be submitted with an ecommerce tie-in.

The Real Estate Agency Portal uses the CodeIgniter framework and is overflowing with real estate agency portal features.

5. Just Forms Full

Just Forms Full is... well... full!

It's an online form framework to help you create a classic, multistep, pop up from menu, pop up from bottom, modal, without footer, or without header form—with client side and server side validation.

Just Forms Full

This highly compatible responsive form framework works with Bootstrap 3 and includes:

  • SMTP, Sendmail, and MailChimp support
  • multistep, modal, and popup forms
  • 110+ AJAX PHP forms
  • 100+ form templates
  • and more!

Considering the price, Just Forms Full is well worth every penny—especially considering how much time this form framework will save.

6. Contact Framework

There are several contact form frameworks in this roundup, but each instance does a good job of setting itself apart from the crowded field of contact forms (see what I did there?).

The Contact Framework is clean—both visually and code-wise.

Contact Framework

Features include:

  • option to use many shortcodes
  • multiple upload choices
  • 3 built-in themes
  • easy to update
  • and more!

The Contact Framework codebase is super clean without sacrificing features. This contact form framework has plenty of punch.

7. PHP Search Engine

Quickly and easily integrate a search engine with the PHP Search Engine script.

Search the web, images, video, news, and a whole lot more!

PHP Search Engine

It includes three widgets, live pagination without a server load, and a lot of other fantastic features:

  • search for .doc, .xls, .pdf, and others
  • highlight searched keyword
  • customizable design
  • safe search feature
  • and more!

PHP Search Engine is the PHP, Bootstrap integrated search engine you've been searching for.

8. HelloVideo - Video CMS

Quickly and easily spin-up a video-centric CMS with HelloVideo - Video CMS.

Unlimited videos, posts, pages, and more!

HelloVideo - Video CMS

Features include:

  • expand usage with PayPal and social login plugins
  • fully responsive and retina-ready
  • web stats and analytics
  • Stripe integration
  • and more!

HelloVideo - Video CMS is more than just a sexy video CMS; it's also a video membership platform.

9. Easy PHP Contact Form Script

Easily integrate a PHP contact form using the Easy PHP Contact Form Script.

This is another contact form framework worth your attention.

Easy PHP Contact Form Script

With an option for SMTP authentication or PHP mail, other features you'll find include:

  • customizable auto-responder email
  • text and image Captcha
  • file attachment upload
  • location detection
  • and more!

With the four included themes and its ease of use, Easy PHP Contact Form Script is an easy choice.

10. Contact Framework Pro

Contact Framework Pro is the pro version of the aforementioned Contact Framework.

Contact Framework Pro

So what's the difference?

The pro version includes the normal contact form and the modal, multistep, side left, side right, and side in contact form frameworks.

If you're considering Contact Framework, ante up with Contact Framework Pro. It's worth it.

11. API Framework

If you know your PHP and OOP knowledge, the API Framework is an excellent resource to begin developing your own API.

API Framework

This API can be used not just for websites, but for Android and iOS applications as well.

It features:

  • create XML, JSON, TXT, CSV, or Print_r types, or create your own
  • object oriented and structured code
  • modify URL request structure
  • create multiple API versions
  • and more!

The API Framework is the perfect starting point for your own API.

12. Frameworx - Bootstrap Powered PHP MySQLi Framework

The Frameworx - Bootstrap Powered PHP MySQLi Framework is an excellent way to develop and launch your next PHP and MySQLi web application.

Using Bootstrap and jQuery, there's hardly a better foundation for your PHP web app.

Frameworx - Bootstrap Powered PHP MySQLi Framework

This PHP web framework features:

  • easy to build with and well documented
  • self-registration with email validation
  • manage all users and accounts
  • searchable public profiles
  • and more!

For a faster and easier web application development process, use the Frameworx - Bootstrap Powered PHP MySQLi Framework.

13. Blaze - PHP Framework for Small to Medium Websites

Light a fire under your next business or personal microsite with the Blaze - PHP Framework for Small to Medium Websites.

For microsites, landing pages, and small businesses, there's no need to use a full-featured CMS when there's something this hot.

Blaze - PHP Framework for Small to Medium Websites

Some of the features include:

  • performance boosts
  • plugin architecture
  • automatic updates
  • debug mode
  • and more!

With its super quick setup, asset compiling (Less, Sass, and more) and minification (JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and more), you can easily see why Blaze - PHP Framework for Small to Medium Websites is blazing fast from start to finish.

14. Flatpanel Backend Framework

The Flatpanel Backend Framework adds another layer between you and WordPress—making control panels to run your own PHP code without disturbing WordPress.

Flatpanel Backend Framework

With this back-end framework, you can:

  • use it with plugins and themes
  • build your own control panels
  • add JavaScript and CSS files
  • replace the dashboard
  • and more!

The Flatpanel Backend Framework implements server-side validation for every element using callbacks.

15. Codeigniter CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator

Using Codeigniter CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator is the key to building a CRUD web application CMS quickly and easily.

Codeigniter CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator

Features include:

  • sort, search, and download grid options
  • form and grid layout editor
  • easy to customize
  • export to Excel
  • and more!

Use the Codeigniter CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator to build a back-end and front-end web application with many CMS plugin possibilities.

16. MySQL Database Auto Framework

Take your MySQL database to the next level with the MySQL Database Auto Framework.

"It enables you to avoid writing and re-writing all the repetitive SQL queries and all the fetch arrays, help protect you against SQL injections, and offer you a very robust, but simple way to interact with your MySQL 5 databases."
MySQL database Auto Framework

Here are a few features:

  • fully object oriented and uses one class file per database table
  • all functions centralized
  • prevent SQL injections
  • fully documented
  • and more!

MySQL Database Auto Framework supports MySQL5, uses MySQLi, and is ready to rock.

17. LivelyCart - A JQuery PHP Store / Shop

Here's a lively storefront framework that will have you up and running with your ecommerce website using PayPal and orders via email.

LivelyCart - A JQuery PHP Store / Shop uses the CodeIgniter software framework with both Twitter Bootstrap 2 and Twitter Bootstrap 3 themes.

LivelyCart - A JQuery PHP Store  Shop

Features include:

  • unlimited categories and products
  • a fully customizable shopping cart
  • product thumbnails
  • store admin
  • and much more!

Even with JavaScript disabled, this responsive ecommerce framework is ready to serve your online customers.

If you're looking outside the usual ecommerce solutions, you need to look at LivelyCart - A JQuery PHP Store / Shop.

18. BusinessApp - Ionic iOS/Android Full Application with Powerful CMS

Everyone wants an app for their business or organization, but not everyone needs an app that is looking to solve a problem.

The BusinessApp - Ionic iOS/Android Full Application with Powerful CMS is the kind of solution that will fit most any typical organization's need for a mobile app.

BusinessApp - Ionic iOSAndroid Full Application with Powerful CMS

This framework runs on both iOS and Android and delivers several things:

  • CMS blog: WordPress and Tumblr
  • social feeds and social shares
  • image and video galleries
  • push notifications
  • search enabled
  • and much more!

Built with and for some of the most popular technologies, the BusinessApp - Ionic iOS/Android Full Application with Powerful CMS may be the key to getting an app for your organization.

19. MelonHTML5 - Metro UI

Bring the tiles of the Windows 8 Metro UI to the web with the MelonHTML5 - Metro UI.

This is a fully responsive, one-page website using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

MelonHTML5 - Metro UI

Features include:

  • uses clean object oriented PHP framework
  • full HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • smart page content caching
  • responsive UI
  • and more!

You can easily have a sleek looking, fully customizable one-page website using  MelonHTML5 - Metro UI.

20. Ninja Media Script - Viral Fun Media Sharing Site

Creating a media sharing site doesn't get much easier than this.

The Ninja Media Script - Viral Fun Media Sharing Site is a full-featured, out-of-the-box framework.

Ninja Media Script - Viral Fun Media Sharing Site

You'll find plenty of features:

  • supports YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, GIF, JPG, and PNG
  • easy to install and customize
  • user accounts and points
  • email and social login
  • and more!

Not only does the Ninja Media Script - Viral Fun Media Sharing Site pack a lot of punch with features, it's good looking, too.


As you can clearly see by this list, PHP frameworks come in many different shapes and sizes. No matter what kind of web project you are facing, there is more than likely some kind of solution or combination of solutions waiting in the Envato Market that will help.

If you're looking to get into more of the nitty-gritty aspects of PHP frameworks, the Envato Tuts+ code tutorials are a great place to dig around.

What are some of your favorite frameworks?

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