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  1. Craftyjs tutsplus

    Crafty Beyond the Basics

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    In the last Crafty series, you learned about different ways of moving elements around using Keyboard. While a keyboard can help you create a variety of games, some situations require you to control different mouse events to make the game more enjoyable. For this tutorial, we'll branch out into working with more advanced topics.   
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  2. Androidthings

    Android Things

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    In December of 2016, Google released an updated version of the Android operating system with an option for devs to use a stripped down version for connected devices. Although Android Things is currently in an early developer preview state, it looks promising as an IoT platform both for quickly creating prototypes and for supporting users at scale.
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  3. React400

    Learn React

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    React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces that has taken the web development world by storm. React is known for its blazing-fast performance and has spawned an ecosystem of thousands of related modules on NPM, including many tooling options. 
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  4. Angular400

    Learn Angular

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    Angular is more than just the next version of a popular front-end framework. Angular takes all the best parts of AngularJS and improves them. It's a powerful and feature-complete framework that you can use to build fast, professional web apps. 
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