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  1. Applewatch

    Designing for Apple Watch

    3 Posts
    When Apple launched the Apple Watch, there was a lot of excitement. Wearables are a new category to design experiences for. The caveat? Translating your app to a smartwatch experience is different from building a responsive product for example. In this series, we explore how to design application for Apple Watch.
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  2. Ionic@2x

    Getting Started With Ionic

    3 Posts
    Ionic is a popular mobile app framework that helps you build hybrid mobile apps quickly, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this series, you learn how to set up and build your own mobile apps with Ionic by creating a fully functional mobile app together.
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  3. Code smell preview

    Ruby / Rails Code Smell Basics

    4 Posts
    This is a small series about code smells and how you can deal with them. Don’t worry if you’re new to this topic or just starting to code. I did my best to keep things simple. Let’s get sniffin’!
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  4. Wordpress gears

    Exploring WordPress Managers

    3 Posts
    Using a centralized solution to managing multiple WordPress websites is a nice idea. And in this three-part series, that's exactly what we're going to go through: Learn about the WordPress managers one by one.
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