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  1. Python

    Building a Python Code Review Scheduler

    4 Posts
    In this tutorial series, you'll see how to build a code review scheduler using Python. Through out the course of this series, you'll brush up against some basic concepts like reading emails, sending an email, executing terminal commands from Python program, processing git logs etc.
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  2. Docker

    Docker from the Ground Up: Working with Containers

    2 Posts
    Docker paves the way for the containerization revolution and the modern DevOps approach. The fundamental building block is of course the container. In this two part series you'll learn and gain hands on experience with everything you need to know about launching, interacting, managing and troubleshooting Docker containers. 
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  3. Craftyjs tutsplus

    Crafty Beyond the Basics

    4 Posts
    In the last Crafty series, you learned about different ways of moving elements around using Keyboard. While a keyboard can help you create a variety of games, some situations require you to control different mouse events to make the game more enjoyable. For this tutorial, we'll branch out into working with more advanced topics.   
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