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    The Web Audio API

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    An introduction to the Web Audio API. Covers the basics, including how to make a sound in the browser, how to play an MP3 file, how to add sound to a web application, and ultimately how to build your own web synthesizer.
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  2. Accessibility


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    In this series we take a look at Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and what practical steps theme developers can take to make their theme more accessible.
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  3. Preview image@2x

    Creating a Dating Application with Sinch

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    In this tutorial, we're going to create a dating application for iOS similar to Tinder. For voice and messaging, we will leverage the Sinch platform, making use of its powerful SDK. In the first part, we will focus on the development of a RESTful API to store and retrieve user information. In the second part, the iOS client will hook into this API to find nearby users based on its current location.
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