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    iOS 8: What's New in SpriteKit

    2 Posts
    This two-part series gives an overview of the new features of the SpriteKit framework that were introduced in iOS 8. The new features are designed to make it easier to support advanced game effects and include support for custom OpenGL ES fragment shaders, lighting, shadows, advanced new physics effects and animations, and integration with SceneKit. In this series, you'll learn how to implement these new features.
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    Introduction to Creating Your First WordPress Widget

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    For non-coders creating a WordPress site, widgets are great. They let you add menus, lists, feeds, text and much much more to widget areas which don't need to be limited to the sidebar. Many themes now feature widget areas in the footer, and the big theme frameworks often have widget areas in multiple locations such as the header and before and after the content.
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    How to Program With Yii2

    24 Posts
    This tutorial will walk you through installing Yii 2.0, setting up your local development environment, building some sample applications, setting up your remote production environment for hosting and deploying your code from a GitHub repository.
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