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Free Preview: Understanding OAuth


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Typical internet users connect to lots of different services and web applications. As we come to use more and more of these services, we expect them to integrate with each other for convenience and ease of use. Much of this integration is made possible through OAuth, a standard for authorizing integrations between applications securely and reliably.

In this Coffee Break Course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Simon Bacquie will explain what OAuth is and why it is used, through visuals and examples. You'll see an actual OAuth integration happen between two web apps that were written specifically for this course.

Learn how to achieve a simple implementation of OAuth in Laravel, step by step, in our course Understanding and Using OAuth in Laravel.

1. Understanding OAuth

1.1 Introduction

[MUSIC] Hello, and welcome to this Tuts+ course on understanding OAuth. These days, people expect for the apps and online services they use to integrate with each other, and OAuth hopes to make this possible. As a developer, if you find yourself working with another system's API, chances are they'll have you go through an OAuth flow in order to gain access. In this course, you'll learn at a high level what OAuth is, why we use it, and we'll run through an actual OAuth flow with an integration between two sample applications I've put together in Laravel. I'm Simon Bacquie, your instructor for the course. I've worked on lots of API integrations over the years, and I'm excited to explain to you this topic that many people have trouble grasping at first. Follow along with me, and in about ten minutes, you'll be understanding OAuth.