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Learn to build feature-rich Android apps with Java, Kotlin, and other programming languages using Android Studio. Master Android development with these tutorials.

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  1. Android Fundamentals: Activities

    Android Fundamentals: Activities

    Course Beginner

    Activities are one of the fundamental building blocks of Android apps. The app UI is built from Activities, so if you want to become an app developer, you'll...

  2. Create a Voice-Controlled Android App

    Create a Voice-Controlled Android App

    Course Beginner

    Voice-based user interfaces have a universal appeal. And why wouldn't they? Being able to talk to an application feels so much more natural than pressing...

  3. Migrate an Android App to Material Design

    Migrate an Android App to Material Design

    Course Intermediate

    Years ago, when Android was still a budding mobile operating system, it was rather notorious for its ugly user interface. Because there were no design...

  4. Getting Started With Android

    Getting Started With Android

    Course Beginner

    Creating native Android apps allows you to deliver a first-class mobile experience to your users. This course will take you through native Android...