Learn about Code Security

Security is essential for any program you create. Learn how to implement stronger security features to protect your apps and keep your users and their data safe.

All Security courses:

  1. How to Hack Your Own App

    How to Hack Your Own App

    Course Beginner

    Everyone knows that the earlier you fix a bug, the cheaper and easier it is. This is true for security flaws as well. The sooner you discover a security...

  2. Understanding OAuth

    Understanding OAuth

    Course Intermediate

    Typical internet users connect to lots of different services and web applications. As we come to use more and more of these services, we expect them to...

  3. PHP OWASP Security

    PHP OWASP Security

    Course Advanced

    The OWASP Top Ten is a list of the ten most critical web application security flaws that researchers have found in the wild, ranked by level of threat. This...