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By using a premium weather app template, you will be able to easily create a fully functional and professionally designed weather app that your users will love. 

This is one of the newest Android weather app designs on CodeCanyon.
This is one of the best Android weather app designs on CodeCanyon.

Developing any type of app from scratch can be an overwhelming process. You will have to spend time and money to get the app up and running. Developers will need to be hired, time will need to be spent working alongside the developer, and the app will need to be continually tested before it is ready to launch.

By purchasing one of the many high-quality weather app templates available on CodeCanyon, you will be able to put together a fully functional weather application in no time!

The Best Premium Weather App Templates on CodeCanyon

Explore some of the best weather app designs on CodeCanyon. With just one small payment, you can purchase one of these premium weather app templates and create a weather app that your users will love. 

Here are some of the best-selling weather app templates on CodeCanyon for 2022:

Buy the best weather app designs from CodeCanyon.
Buy the best weather app designs from CodeCanyon.

These premium weather app concepts give you everything you need to create a fully functional weather app for Android and iOS. These templates give you plenty of flexibility and customization to create a weather app that works for you and your business. Here are a few features that you can expect from the weather app templates on CodeCanyon:

  • hourly forecasting
  • automatic location detection
  • seven-day forecasts
  • humidity, pressure, and wind forecast details

Don't spend another second looking for an app developer. Head on over to CodeCanyon and purchase a weather app template today!

Top Premium Android Weather App Designs of 2022

Here are some of the best weather app templates to download in 2022:

1. Simple Weather 5: Android Weather App Template

Simple Weather 50 template screenshots

This is a simple weather template with two screens: the main screen, which contains the weather info, and the settings screen to control the units. Along with an attractive layout, its notable features include five-day weather forecasts updated every hour, the ability to add multiple locations, and AdMob integration. This template is already integrated with the OpenWeatherMap API, but you can easily customize it to any other API if you want. 

2. Ultimate News App

Ultimate News AppUltimate News AppUltimate News App

The Ultimate News App is an all-in-one app template. It features a weather widget that gives you a five-day weather forecast. You can also choose to show the weather in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The app features a beautiful design, a responsive admin panel, and AdMob support. 

3. Weather App Android Template With AdMob

Android Weather App with AdMob IntegratedAndroid Weather App with AdMob IntegratedAndroid Weather App with AdMob Integrated

This weather app concept is one of the newest Android weather app designs on CodeCanyon. The weather app Android template provides weather details according to set locations. It features 24-hour forecasts, daily forecasts, multiple locations, UV index, and more.

The weather forecast design is based on Android Studio and comes with full documentation.

4. Weatherize: Android Weather App Design


With Weatherize, you will be able to display weather data based on location in real time. You will be able to implement simple menus that are easy for your users to navigate. The interface allows users to type in a new location via the search function, or you can use the phone's GPS to get your current location. The smooth and simple animations help create a modern and pleasing user experience. 

5. Simple Live Weather Forecast Design App

Simple Live Weather Forecast App

This weather app can automatically detect your location and display the weather forecast. It uses the OpenWeatherMap API to receive forecast information. Here are a few notable features of this weather app:

  • automatic location detection
  • multiple weather providers
  • current weather conditions
  • hourly weather forecast

Download this awesome weather app template now!

6. WeatherHQ: Weather App Android Template

WeatherHQ - Weather App Android Template

WeatherHQ is another new Android weather app design. This weather app Android template is packed with great features.

It comes with a live API, graphs, weekly forecasts, and a clean design. This weather app concept is fast and features a well-organized Android Studio project.

Best iOS Weather App Templates of 2022

7. Store Finder: iPhone Weather App Template 

Store Finder app template screenshots

Store Finder is another iOS app template that's more than just a weather app. Store Finder is packed with features such as the ability to locate a store—and it has a weather feature that fetches and displays the current weather information for a location. 

Unlike most of the iOS apps in this list, it is written in Objective-C, so if that is your language of choice, Store Finder might be the template for you. The iPhone weather app download also includes a PHP back-end and Google Maps integration. This app template is compatible with iOS 10.

8. Uhmweather: iOS Weather App Template

Uhmweather - iOS Weather App Template

Looking for iPhone weather app templates? Uhmweather is one of the best iOS weather app templates.

Uhmweather is an iOS weather app developed in Xcode using Swift 5. The iPhone weather app takes the user's current location to determine the weather. Users can also search for the current weather of other cities and see a forecast of the weather in the coming seven days or more. Check out this iPhone weather app download!

9. Weather

Weather - iOS ApplicationWeather - iOS ApplicationWeather - iOS Application

Weather is an iOS-based weather app that has a custom design and Sketch files. Included in your download is an app, the Xcode project, documentation, and network manager. You will need the latest version of Xcode to run the project. You can expect easy-to-understand and flexible code with this app. 

On a budget, but still need to create a weather app? Let's now go over the top five free weather forecast designs for download in 2022.

5 Free Weather Forecast Designs for Download in 2022

Now that we've gone over some of the best weather app designs from the premium marketplace, let's go over some free weather apps for Android. 

Designing your weather app can be difficult if you're not a graphic designer. If your design is not up to par with today's modern designs, then your app will have a difficult time performing well. Another option would be to hire a designer to create this design for you, but this can be quite costly.

To help you save money on your weather app costs, I have collected five of the top weather app designs for you to download in 2022.

1. Weather App UI Design Screens

Weather App UI Design Screens

This minimal weather app design will give your users a unique experience. Half of the app features an illustration of the current weather, and the other half gives the weekly forecast.

2. Weather App Ui Design: Free Weather App Download

This contemporary-looking design allows you to display a multi-day forecast and hourly forecasting. The hourly forecasting features a chart and forecasting details with icons for a more visually appealing user experience. 

3. Weather Template: Free Weather App Download

This simple but effective weather app design allows you to display the entire week's forecast on a single screen. The two color blocking themes make the design look uniform and professional. Each type of forecast will be displayed by nine different icons. 

4. Weather App Concept: Free Weather App Download

This design features vibrant colors and a unique layout. It displays a four-day forecast by letting users swipe to choose a day and then displaying that day's forecast on the entire screen. This design is great if you are looking to have your app stand out. 

5. Weather Application Design: Free Weather App Download

This design features visually appealing designs and a spacious layout. This design is great for adding interest to your app. Based on the current design, you can only display the temperature. 

Still looking for more app templates? Now we will show you even more best-selling app templates that you can use for the development of your next app.

Discover More Awesome App Templates for 2022

The weather app templates mentioned above are the best weather app designs available on CodeCanyon for 2022. However, if these app templates don't fit your particular needs or you are looking into creating a different type of app, there are plenty more app templates on CodeCanyon that can work for you. 

Feel free to check out a few of the other Envato Tuts+ articles that will highlight even more high-quality app templates you can use for the creation of your next app.

Learn How to Create Your Own App

CodeCanyon has plenty of templates for you to download. However, you can easily learn how to create your own app, so you are in complete control of the creation process. To help you get started on your app development journey, check out the articles below for help:

Take Advantage of the App Templates Available on CodeCanyon Now!

When it comes to creating an application for mobile devices, using app templates is your best option. You can not only cut down on the time it takes to hire and work with a developer, but also save a great deal of money by purchasing an app template.


CodeCanyon offers the best weather app templates on the web for you to download for a low one-time cost. These app templates are fully customizable and give you the power to mold the app to fit your particular business's needs. The weather app templates available contain all of the features needed for a weather app, including detailed forecasts, location detection and search, and hourly forecasting. 

Get your weather app up and running in no time by purchasing one of the many high-quality weather app templates on CodeCanyon!

This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva and Daniel Strongin. Maria is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. Daniel is a writer for Envato Tuts+, an avid electronic music producer, and has an online store dedicated to melodic electronic music producers.

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