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8 Best PHP Help-Desk Scripts and 5 Free Options

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Are you looking for a reliable PHP help-desk script? Solving issues related to your products on time will lead to happy clients and customers. That in turn leads to referrals and repeat customers—the lifeblood of any business.

Support Board
Support Board is one example of PHP help-desk scripts on CodeCanyon.

The main focus of a help desk is fixing issues. A good PHP help-desk script will let you fix your customers' technical issues in an organized manner. And a good help desk will leave people satisfied with your services.

If you're looking for a WordPress help-desk plugin, I've collected some of the best in another article.

Top-Selling PHP Help-Desk Scripts in 2021

Grab one of these PHP help-desk scripts and streamline the way you respond to customers' queries and complaints.

Top Selling PHP Help Desk Scripts

Let's look at some of the best PHP help-desk scripts on CodeCanyon.

1. Support Board

Chat - Support Board - PHP Chat ApplicationChat - Support Board - PHP Chat ApplicationChat - Support Board - PHP Chat Application

Now for scripts that use live chat as well as support tickets: Support Board is a powerful and simple-to-use support desk and chat script that provides a great dual solution for communicating with clients. The plugin has full Slack integration for sending and receiving user messages directly from Slack. It also has full bot integration with Dialogflow to reply automatically to your customers!

2. BeDesk

BeDesk - Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Ticketing SystemBeDesk - Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Ticketing SystemBeDesk - Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Ticketing System

BeDesk enables business owners to reduce support ticket volume by creating articles based on frequently asked questions and setting up the software to automatically suggest an article when customers create a new ticket with the relevant topic.

BeDesk also allows business owners to categorise tickets, automate repetitive tasks with triggers, and customise its appearance to match the site seamlessly. And users can log in with popular third-party sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

3. Best Support System

Best Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Desk & Ticket Help CentreBest Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Desk & Ticket Help CentreBest Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Desk & Ticket Help Centre

Best Support System is another great choice for managing customer queries. With its easy-to-use step-by-step installer wizard, you’ll have your service up and running within minutes. You can move right on to managing queries, whether they arrive via email or the support form provided. It has an easy-to-use search engine to help users find relevant articles. In addition, relevant articles from the database are triggered when users ask frequently asked questions. Finally, this help-desk script comes with a built-in ability to collect user feedback.

4. HelpDesk 3

HelpDesk 3 - The professional Support SolutionHelpDesk 3 - The professional Support SolutionHelpDesk 3 - The professional Support Solution

HelpDesk 3 also offers clients support via live chats and tickets, but has taken things a step further by allowing clients to email their queries. Not only is it easy to install, but you can set up automated answers for the chat feature, set up standard responses for the chat and tickets, and your client history is saved and can be viewed at any time.

HelpDesk 3 also allows you to create an FAQ article database to cut down on unnecessary inquiries.

5. AH Ticket

AH Ticket

AH Ticket is a PHP help desk and support ticket system. In addition to sending tickets by email, other things you can do with this system include adding estimated times for resolving tickets, allowing users to log in with their social media accounts and to rate replies from admin and staff, and the ability to integrate with Mailchimp.

6. SupportDesk

SupportDesk - Support Ticket Management SystemSupportDesk - Support Ticket Management SystemSupportDesk - Support Ticket Management System

This script focuses on support tickets. To access support for a product or service via the PHP SupportDesk script, your clients simply need to go to a dedicated support page on your website, enter their name and email address, select the department they need help from, and write their message. This opens up a ticket with a special ID number, and your customer service staff will get an email notification that a ticket has been opened. You can also integrate SupportDesk with Slack.

New Additions Already Best-Selling!

7. UltimateDesk

UltimateDesk - Support Ticket System with Knowledge Base & FAQUltimateDesk - Support Ticket System with Knowledge Base & FAQUltimateDesk - Support Ticket System with Knowledge Base & FAQ

Ultimate Desk is a support system with a knowledge base and FAQs. It allows you to create and manage unlimited tickets, knowledge base articles, and FAQs. You can have unlimited agents, users, and other staff members.

8. Ticky Helpdesk

Ticky Helpdesk - Support Ticketing System & Knowledge baseTicky Helpdesk - Support Ticketing System & Knowledge baseTicky Helpdesk - Support Ticketing System & Knowledge base

Through its clean and simple user interface, Ticky will help you efficiently manage your customers’ support tickets and your online knowledge base. Users can log in using their social media accounts. Ticky is multilingual, so you can translate the app to your own language from your dashboard.

Other notable features include:

  • receive email notifications on each new ticket or ticket reply
  • resolved tickets can be automatically closed after a certain time
  • automatically assign tickets to available agents
  • manage saved replies to quickly answer common tickets
  • search for customers, articles, tickets, and categories for admins

5 Free Help-Desk Scripts

We understand that for small businesses, the cost of help-desk software can be high. I have included the following free help-desk apps for you to consider.

1. HelpDeskZ


HelpDeskZ is a free PHP-based application that allows you to manage your site's support with a web-based support ticket system. Features include the ability to create groups, canned responses, custom fields, a knowledge base, news, template customization, and email piping.

2. Spiceworks


Spiceworks is a user-friendly, free, open-source help-desk ticketing system for IT. It's easy to download and integrate with your active directory, and you don't need to create users and departments separately.

No admin limit. No ticket limit. Spiceworks gives you the option to set up an online help desk or a self-hosted help desk. You can manage the software from Android or iOS.

3. Hesk


Hesk is a PHP-based help-desk ticket management system. It's easy to download and install, and its simple interface allows you to create and assign tickets quickly. Staff and customer interfaces come with their respective functionality.

4. Liberum Help Desk

Liberum Help Desk

Liberum Help Desk is a complete help-desk solution for small to medium IT departments and service providers. This software provides a simple, easy-to-use web interface for managing and tracking technical support problems.

Liberum Help Desk is open sourced under the GPL license and free for use. The help-desk software is written in HTML and ASP and is easily modified and customized. All that is required to run Liberum Help Desk is a Windows Server running IIS.

5. Faveo Help Desk Community Edition

FAVEO Help Desk Community Edition

Faveo has a free open-source version and a paid version. The free version does not come with support for installation, configuration, and maintenance. Apart from that, it has everything you need to create a help-desk ticketing system!

Understanding Help-Desk Scripts

Types of Services Help Desks Offer

A help desk is focused on providing technical services. The list of issues that help desks fix is long and ranges from simple to complex:

  • troubleshooting issues on devices
  • assisting with customers' installation
  • system updates
  • security updates
  • fixing bugs

and so much more!

What Help-Desk Software Does

Imagine tracking customer issues by email. Things get messy. You do everything manually. You lose track of very important messages. Customers get frustrated.

For a more organized business, a help-desk script takes away the manual work and removes confusion. It automates the process and streamlines how you deliver technical support to your customers.

Once customers' problems are received, they are turned into tickets. A help-desk application manages the ticket creation, issuing, and tracking until the issue is resolved. The help-desk application also keeps a record of how the issue is resolved.

Nothing falls through the cracks anymore because you—and the customers—receive email notifications when anything changes.

What Help-Desk Software Contains

Help-desk software contains the following core features: ticketing, knowledge base, and communication.

More features you will find in help-desk software include:

  • surveys and feedback: a way of rating help desks and giving feedback to improve processes
  • reports and analytics: track the efficiency of help-desk agents with the help of specific metrics
  • community forums: users can find answers from a community
  • SLA and SLO management: keeping track of service-level agreements and service-level objectives

Why You Need a PHP Help-Desk Script

Help-desk scripts streamline how your business fixes issues that customers have by allowing you to attend to customer cases and complaints quickly.

They offer multiple channels through which customers can contact a business. This multichannel approach—Twitter, Facebook, email, phone, SMS, live chat, etc.—ensures that issues are resolved faster.

You also need to have a centralised way of receiving feedback and knowing what specific areas you need to improve.

Launch Your Help Desk Today With a Great PHP Help-Desk Script

These PHP help-desk scripts just scratch the surface of products available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them fit your needs, there are plenty of other great options you may prefer.

Top Selling PHP Help Desk Scripts

And if you want to improve your PHP skills, check out the ever so useful free PHP tutorials we have on offer!

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