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20 Best PHP Email Forms


PHP email forms have many uses. While some may need a basic PHP email contact form, others need forms to collect more data. For example, you might be creating a website where people have to fill out forms to book rooms, register events, apply for jobs, or provide feedback. 

Best PHP Email Forms on CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon is a digital marketplace that has the best collection of PHP scripts for every need. It's also the best place to source the perfect PHP email form for your next project.

PHP email forms on CodeCanyon

20 Best PHP Email Forms From CodeCanyon for 2020

A premium email form offers much more complexity and also saves you a lot of time in design. These premium forms are professionally designed and can be customized to match the theme and brand of your website. Let's look at some of the best email form scripts that will help you build your forms quickly.

1. Quform: Responsive Ajax Contact Form 

Quform is an elegant and responsive contact form that allows users to submit information and requests without slow page reloads. Quform is fully customizable and lets you add more fields to the form according to your requirements. More features include:

  • robust code framework
  • file upload support that lets users easily upload and submit files
  • can be translated into multiple languages
  • create autoresponders that send automated emails to users
  • saves data to a database

2. Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and Manager

Easy forms

Easy Forms is a mobile-friendly PHP form builder that lets you create any form for your website. It features a drag-and-drop interface that enables you to create your form in minutes. Easy Forms also comes with advanced features such as:

  • conditional logic which shows or hides fields depending on the user's selection
  • an advanced security system using password-protected forms
  • real-time notifications
  • form analytics and submission reports
  • geolocation for your forms
  • ability to export data collected

3. PHP Form Builder

PHP form builder

The PHP Form Builder script allows you to create forms based on Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Material Design, and Foundation Forms.

This form builder script comes with over 160+ pre-built form templates. It is also easy to customize, allowing you to build functional and unique forms.

Some other features include:

  • Highly customizable layout: you can create horizontal, vertical, or inline forms with tooltips, button groups, multiple columns, and custom HTML.
  • A large variety of forms: this single script can be used to create contact forms, registration forms, login forms, and more.
  • Client-side and server-side validation for maximum security.

4. Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

Ultimate PHP

Ultimate PHP Contact Form is the perfect script if you are looking to integrate and set up a great-looking email form in the shortest time possible.

Also, you get tons of features like:

  • Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam
  • field validation and prevention of XSS attacks
  • multiple file uploads
  • progressive enhancement

Be sure to check out the demo to see if this script is the right choice for you.

5. Green Popups

green popups

Let's face it. Most popups that we come across on the internet are dull and boring. Fortunately, Green Popups does an incredible job of making these popups attractive again.

Each pop-up is made up of multiple layers of content with their transitions and animations. This gives the pop-ups a dynamic and lively feel.

Other notable features include:

  • The visual pop-up constructor makes it very easy to create your own unique pop-ups.
  • The script works with over 70 popular email marketing providers.
  • Integrate social networking buttons in the pop-ups with ease.
  • Mobile-friendly design.

6. ContactMe: Responsive AJAX Contact Form for HTML5 and PHP

contact form

ContactMe is a responsive AJAX PHP contact form that allows you to create any kind of form. It comes with 28 ready-to-use combinations, seven examples, and four different themes, with more themes coming soon. From job application forms to hotel forms to forms for sending files, this script does the job perfectly. It is also easy to set up, even for people without any coding knowledge

Other features of this form include:

  • awesome code quality
  • mobile-friendly
  • ability to send emails with SMTP
  • supports almost all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari et.c

7. Simple AJAX Contact Forms

 Simple AJAX Contact Forms

Simple Forms is a set of minimal and customizable contact forms that submit in the background using AJAX and the PHP Mailer script. Simple Forms allows the sending of data, including multiple attachments. These forms are also user friendly and come in eight different color schemes, such as white, dark, and fancy purple.

Other features include:

  • server-side field and files validation
  • autoresponder feature
  • fully responsive and retina-ready
  • supports basic email validation
  • clean and minimal code
  • Recaptcha v3 by Google to protect against robots and spam

8. Secure PHP Login & Registration System

Secure PHP Login & Registration System

Are you looking for a secure basic login and registration form on your website? The Secure PHP Login & Registration System offers strong password encryption and also allows users to log in with their Twitter, Facebook, or Google credentials

Other features of this script include:

  • form validation without refreshing 
  • reset password functionality
  • sends activation emails using a unique activation code for each user

9. PHP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

php cost estimation

If you're in the business of selling services and products, the PHP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder will prove very useful for you. This form builder offers a convenient way to sell any product or service and provide potential customers with an accurate cost estimate in easy steps. 

Here's a list of some useful features of this script:

  • supports PayPal and Stripe payment 
  • powerful conditional and calculation system
  • ability to import and export data
  • easily manageable forms with multiple steps and items
  • multiple file uploads
  • distance calculations based on Google 
  • ability to reorder items with simple drag and drop

Just take a look at the demos—I'm sure you'll be impressed.

10. Forms Plus: PHP Form Framework with Admin Panel

Form framework

Forms Plus is an advanced form framework that comes with 90+ form templates, 40+ color schemes, and a variety of styled designs and animations. FormPlus is the perfect framework to design stunning forms since it offers customization to meet your needs. It comes with an admin panel where you can collect, search, and remove any unwanted data.

Other features include:

  • calculations
  • ability to show or hide blocks
  • color schemes
  • email notifications
  • database storage

11. Cpanel Email Signup and Login

Cpanel Email Signup and Login

Do you want your visitors to register email accounts for themselves on your website without having access to the cPanel? The cPanel Email Signup and Login script serves this exact purpose. It provides stylish signup forms where clients can create their email accounts without accessing cPanel.

Here are some of its useful features:

  • real-time check for username availability
  • spam protection with CAPTCHA verification
  • ability to change and reset passwords
  • store user information in a database

Be sure to check out the demo of the signup flow, login interface, and password retrieval.

12. Multi-Step-Form: PHP Multi Step Multipurpose Ajax Form

multistep form

The Multi-Step-Form script is clean and responsive for anyone looking to create multi-step PHP email forms with ease. It comes with AJAX support and also has an attractive UX and unique design, hence giving you the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Other notable features of the script include:

  • ability to attach files
  • repeat form submission
  • spam prevention with a simple maths-based CAPTCHA
  • support for Google auto-location search in the address field
  • alerts when validating forms

13. Multi-Purpose Form Generator

Multipurpose form generator

If you are looking for a Bootstrap-based PHP form generator, this script is the best solution. Multi-Purpose Form Generator is flexible, and you can use it to create any kind of form. It is just a matter of dragging and dropping the input fields in the form and tweaking some settings.

Some additional features of the Multi-Purpose Form Generator are:

  • protection from spam with Google reCAPTCHA
  • email notification system and auto-reply
  • ability to upload files as attachments
  • multiple forms per page

Make sure that you give Multi-Purpose Form Generator a try by creating your forms in the demo with simple drag and drop.

14. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

People who want to provide email marketing as a service to their clients will find this script to be very helpful. You can use the PHP Email Marketing script to run your email marketing service like Mailchimp without any coding skills. It is easy to create your email templates with its rich editor.

Some of the notable features include:

  • support for multiple languages
  • ability to track user activity
  • create an email group or list
  • upload email list from a CSV file

The list of features just goes on. Just visit the demo and log in as an admin to see the feature-rich dashboard.

15. Green Forms

Green forms

Are you looking for a fast and powerful form builder? Well, with Green Forms, you can create multi-purpose, excellent-looking PHP email forms that match the design of your website entirely. Green Forms allows you to adjust almost everything: from fonts, colors, and shadows to conditional behavior and math expressions. It also comes with integrations with marketing, newsletter, and CRM systems. Also, each form can be embedded into any webpage by copy-pasting a few JavaScript and HTML snippets.

The main features include:

  • a drag-and-drop form builder
  • built-in anti-spam system
  • interactive forms
  • email notifications and more

16. Zigaform PHP Form Builder: Contact & Survey


Zigaform is an all-in-one form builder software that helps you build all kinds of forms and display them wherever you want, with absolutely no coding knowledge or prior design experience whatsoever.

It gives you the ability to customize form functions by offering a variety of fields. You can also duplicate, import, export, manage, and analyze forms and data. 

Other features include:

  • sends an email when the form is submitted
  • integration with third-party plugins
  • graphic chart of all the submitted data
  • export form entries as CSV and PDF Formats

17. SmartForm

Smart form

The PHP SmartForm script allows you to create fully responsive, AJAX-based, multi-purpose email forms. Media queries are also included for websites that don't use Bootstrap.

Notable features include:

  • ability to attach files with any form that you integrate with your website
  • pop-up alerts for users if they fill the form incorrectly
  • Google Maps integration
  • fully responsive and mobile-friendly

Be sure to check out some of the 22 demo forms created with Smart Form.

18. Universal Cost Estimator

Universal cost estimator

If you are in the business of selling a product or service, this Universal Cost Estimator script can help a lot with your billing needs.

It comes with a drag-and-drop builder and easily integrates with any website. Here are some of its features:

  • calculate discounts in your cost estimator forms
  • automatic invoice generation and PayPal payment integration
  • multiply the value of different fields
  • conditional logic to show different elements

You can visit the product description page to read more about the Universal Cost Estimator.

19. Universal Form Builder 

Universal form builder

People who need to build a lot of forms for different purposes should consider using this Universal Form Builder. This one script will help you create anything from a simple contact form to a job application form.

Here are some features of the Universal Form Builder:

  • easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • fully responsive design and customizable
  • multi-language support

20. Hello Form

Hello form

Hello Form is a fully responsive PHP-based AJAX form script that comes with 33 form demos and can easily be customized to fit any brand's needs. Each email form also comes with an HTML template included, a file attachment feature, and Mailchimp integration.

It also offers features like:

  • a system that prevents repeat submission
  • anti-spam features such as Google reCAPTCHA and simple math CAPTCHA
  • pop-up alert for validation errors and submission success
  • Google auto-location search

Free PHP Email Forms

Premium email forms offer more than just flexibility, and you are guaranteed lifetime updates. However, you might want to test free options before committing to a premium email form. These free email forms will come in handy.

JavaScript Popup Box

javascript popup

This free script will allow you to show a dialog box with a simple form that shows up a few seconds after the web page is loaded. The form is mandatory; hence users will have to submit their details to access the full content.

Subscription Form

Subcription form

Are you looking to collect visitor details from your website? The Subscription Form is a simple newsletter signup form that will allow you to power your conversion process. With this form, you can build your contacts database and create new leads.

Simple PHP User Login Script

simple login script

Simple PHP User Login Script is a free and easy-to-use script that will add a login screen to your website and give you control over your content. It also gives you the option to define custom messages to each user upon login.

Hotel Reservation Form

hotel reservation

Embed a simple reservation form into your website and start collecting bookings online. With the Hotel Reservation Form, you can add booking functionality to your website for free with just a few simple steps.

It is also customized, and you can manipulate some supported fields via the source code, such as date pickers, drop-down menus, text boxes, and fields.

Add a PHP Email Script to Your Website Now!

PHP email forms allow you to collect data submitted by web HTML forms to your email inbox. They are also easy to set up and work out of the box.

CodeCanyon offers the best selection of high-quality PHP email form scripts. Browse our collection and get the perfect email form for your business.

Other PHP Scripts on CodeCanyon

These PHP email form scripts just scratch the surface of what's available at CodeCanyon. There are over 4,000 PHP scripts available in the marketplace, covering everything from calendars and forms to social networking and shopping carts.

PHP Scripts on CodeCanyon

Here are a few of the best-selling and up-and-coming PHP scripts available on CodeCanyon for 2020.

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