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18 Best Contact Form PHP Scripts for 2023

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Are you looking for an easy-to-use contact form PHP script? Contact forms are a must-have for every website. They encourage your site visitors to engage with you, while potentially lowering the amount of spam you get. 

For businesses, this engagement with visitors increases the chances of turning them into clients or customers and thus increasing revenue. 

If you're looking for an easy and cost-effective contact form PHP script, read on!

Why You Need a Form on Your Website

Web forms contribute more than 60% of lead generation on a site, which means contact forms lead to higher conversions. Online forms also allow you as a business to collect data, which is crucial for any marketing success. 

The good news is that forms are also easy to add to any website and can be customized to match your brand. Plus, they act as a security measure against spammers and bots.

The Best Contact Us Form PHP Scripts on CodeCanyon in 2023

CodeCanyon features over 200 Form PHP Scripts that you can purchase today. Below are some of the popular and best-selling PHP form scripts in the CodeCanyon library.

best-selling PHP contact form scripts CodeCanyonbest-selling PHP contact form scripts CodeCanyonbest-selling PHP contact form scripts CodeCanyon
You can find useful contact form examples from CodeCanyon.

Some of the features you are guaranteed to get from these PHP contact form scripts include:

  • multiple file upload
  • ability to design any form
  • beautiful pre-designed templates
  • notifications
  • Ajax-enabled submission and validation
  • CAPTCHA options such as Google reCAPTCHA, Honeypot, etc.
  • auto-emailing
  • responsive design
  • form validation

14 Best Contact Form PHP Scripts at CodeCanyon

1. PHP AJAX Contact Form

PHP AJAX Contact FormPHP AJAX Contact FormPHP AJAX Contact Form

PHP AJAX Contact Form is a lightweight solution if you need forms for your website. You can customize and install the script painlessly. This modern contact form also has a CSV exporter and other features, like:

  • multiple recipient support
  • one page settings manager
  • send email via SMTP
  • pagination support
  • client and server-side validation

2. Hello Form - Website Contact Form

Hello Form Ultimate PHP Contact FormHello Form Ultimate PHP Contact FormHello Form Ultimate PHP Contact Form

The Hello Form PHP script is one of the top contact form examples on CodeCanyon. It's fully responsive and supports Captcha authentication. There's also required field jQuery validation. You'll find over 32 different contact form examples in this single purchase, and you can tweak them all.

3. Best Seller: Quform - Responsive AJAX Contact Form

Quform Website Contact FormQuform Website Contact FormQuform Website Contact Form

Quform is a versatile AJAX website contact form that can be adapted to be a registration form, quote form, or any other form needed. It even has the option to save data to a database.

Best features:

  • three ready-to-use themes with six variations
  • ability to integrate into your theme design
  • ability to create complex form layouts
  • file uploads supported
  • and more

With tons of other customizations available, Quform: Responsive AJAX Contact Form is bound to keep the most discerning user happy.  

4. PHP Form Builder

PHP Form BuilderPHP Form BuilderPHP Form Builder

Another CodeCanyon top seller, PHP Form Builder includes the jQuery live validation plugin. It enables you to build any form and connect a database to insert, update, or delete records. It also allows you to send your emails using customizable HTML/CSS templates.

Best features:

  • over 50 pre-built templates included
  • highly customizable layout
  • accepts any HTML5 form elements
  • default options ready for Bootstrap 4
  • email sending with advanced options
  • Material Design and Foundation forms
  • and more

With loads of options for creating a variety of elegant contact forms and extensive documentation to help you on your way, PHP Form Builder is a top choice for PHP site owners.

5. Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and Manager

Easy FormsEasy FormsEasy Forms

Easy Forms features an advanced drag-and-drop PHP form builder that lets you design and develop forms quickly, without any coding or programming skills. It also features amazing themes and templates and the ability to send instant notifications. Easy Forms includes a form analytics dashboard where you get to see an overview of form statistics, including conversions.

Other features of this website contact form include:

  • multi-language support
  • double opt-in for users
  • password protected forms
  • ability to export data
  • submission reports
  • advanced field validation
  • auto-responder and email notifications

6. ContactMe: Responsive AJAX Contact Form Template

ContactMe Responsive Contact Form TemplateContactMe Responsive Contact Form TemplateContactMe Responsive Contact Form Template

ContactMe is another bestseller that is extremely customizable and allows site owners to create different versions of modern contact forms to fit their needs. Besides, it is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. If you're looking for some inspiration, it features 28 combinations of ready-to-use forms and seven concrete examples to spark your creativity. 

This is a contact us script to consider for your next project. The best features of this contact form template are:

  • beautiful themes
  • easy to install
  • no database required
  • file attachment supported
  • secure
  • ability to set different language messages for each form

7. Zigaform PHP Form Builder: Contact and Survey

Zigaform PHP Form Builder Contact and SurveyZigaform PHP Form Builder Contact and SurveyZigaform PHP Form Builder Contact and Survey

If you're looking for a universal PHP form builder, Zigaform is the right script for the job. It can be integrated with Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, and any other PHP website. It lets you organize your form elements with a grid system and even allows you to assign conditional logic to your forms. When it comes to customizations, you are spoilt for choice as Zigaform comes with 42+ elements, over 650 fonts, and 769+ font icons, ensuring your forms are as attractive as you need them to be.

You'll find features like these in the Zigaform contact us script:

  • ability to filter and search submitted data
  • graphic charts of submitted data
  • notification email for users 
  • file upload support
  • export form data to CSV and PDF 
  • AJAX powered
  • spam protection

Zigaform is the perfect script to create a modern contact form for any website.

8. Multi-Purpose Form Generator

Multi-Purpose Form GeneratorMulti-Purpose Form GeneratorMulti-Purpose Form Generator

Just like the name suggests, Multi-Purpose Form Generator is an advanced web application that provides an easy drag-and-drop interface to build simple or complex forms in seconds. It also includes the ability to integrate your forms with Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam submissions and bots.

Other features include:

  • ability to export form data
  • customizations according to your needs
  • Ajax-enabled forms
  • 5+ different types of validation support
  • file upload support
  • preview forms before publishing
  • fully responsive

9. Multi-Step Form

Multi-Step FormMulti-Step FormMulti-Step Form

The Multi-Step Form responsive PHP form script is suited for any business or organization. It is the perfect form to ensure that your visitors or clients will submit their quotes and also get valuable information regarding your business. Multi-Step Form uses PHP, jQuery, and Ajax, so no page reload will occur between steps. It also has the option of capturing the IP of the user and includes an anti-spam check.

Main features:

  • no database required
  • attractive design
  • popup alert for validation errors
  • file attachment support
  • calendar date picker
  • security guaranteed
  • multi-language support

10. Simple AJAX Contact Form Examples

These simple AJAX contact forms are created using the mobile first design philosophy. As a result, they look great on mobile devices. The forms have a minimalist approach to design and come with eight different templates. The form is submitted in the background via AJAX, and the contact us script relies on PHP Mailer to handle the sending of all the form data to the desired email address.

Simple AJAX Contact Form ExamplesSimple AJAX Contact Form ExamplesSimple AJAX Contact Form Examples

Here is a brief list of its important features:

  • highly customizable, with eight different UI styles and a date picker
  • support for multiple file attachments
  • input validation
  • spam protection
  • smart error handling
  • redirect after submit
  • and many more

The contact us script offers a lot more features, and you can read about it on the plugin description page. Don't forget to check out the live demos of these forms.

11. Conformy—PHP Ajax Modern Contact Form

Conformy is yet another user-friendly AJAX-based contact form template with a modern and stylish design.

Conformy PHP AJAX Contact FormConformy PHP AJAX Contact FormConformy PHP AJAX Contact Form

The form is based on Bootstrap 4, so Conformy will blend seamlessly with the overall design of the website if it is already using the Bootstrap framework. The styling of the form uses SCSS, so changing things like the color of the form would be pretty easy. Overall, the theme uses a minimal design approach, which makes it easier for you to make any modifications.

Some of the main features of this modern website contact form include:

  • live validation
  • custom CAPTCHA
  • fully responsive
  • cross-browser support
  • custom select options

12. Green Forms—Standalone Form Builder

Green Forms is a standalone form builder script that you can use to create multi-purpose forms that look great across different screen sizes.

Green Forms Standalone Form BuilderGreen Forms Standalone Form BuilderGreen Forms Standalone Form Builder

The form builder is designed in a way that makes it incredibly easy for you to customize almost everything. This includes things like fonts and text color. Every form that you create using Green Forms can be added to any webpage you like, with just a simple copy-paste of the provided HTML and JavaScript code.

Some useful features of the contact form template plugin:

  • drag-and-drop form builder
  • built-in anti-spam protection 
  • form styling
  • multi-step forms
  • conditional logic
  • over 20 form elements
  • and more

13. Perfect Contact Us Form

Perfect PHP Contact FormPerfect PHP Contact FormPerfect PHP Contact Form

Is there a more straightforward name for a script than Perfect Contact Us Form? At least it lives up to the hype. It's simple, easy to use, and is fully customizable. The responsive contact form template has some neat features you'd come to expect:

  • math CAPTCHA verification
  • submission without page refresh
  • HTML and PHP integration

If you’re looking for a simple and modern contact form that just works, you can't go wrong with this option.

14. Easy Contact Form With Attachments

Easy Contact Form with Attachments PHP Contact Form ScriptEasy Contact Form with Attachments PHP Contact Form ScriptEasy Contact Form with Attachments PHP Contact Form Script

Let's wrap up our list of premium contact form examples with this selection. Easy Contact Form is simple to add. All there is to it is adding one line code to your site and you're done! There are five included website contact forms in this single purchase, so you can choose the style that works best for you.

Main features of this contact us script include:

  • accepts sending attachments
  • spam protection
  • table-less HTML5 and CSS3 design
  • optional text email backups
  • responsive design
  • one-click human verification

Free PHP Contact Form Scripts

Some people might want to try out some free PHP contact form scripts before they look at the premium options. This makes sense if you are on a tight budget. However, keep in mind that free scripts are usually not updated on a regular basis. You might also not get quick support from developers of these free scripts.

That being said, sometimes free is the right choice! Here are four free PHP contact us form scripts that you might find useful.

1. Bootstrap Bay Contact Form

This contact form script is ideal for people who are already using Bootstrap for their websites. It comes with a simple contact form and very basic maths-based Captcha.

2. Simple PHP Contact Form

This is a simple contact form created using PHP with support for HTML5 form validation. It also offers a JavaScript fallback for validation if the browser does not support HTML5 form validation.

3. Contactable jQuery Plugin

This is a jQuery plugin that allows anyone who is using a PHP based website to quickly integrate a feature-rich contact form. It comes with all the necessary front-end and back-end files that you might need to integrate the form into your website.

4. Spam Free PHP Contact Form

This PHP contact form script adds a hidden field to the form to prevent automated contact form spam. It also generates your email after the page has loaded using JavaScript. This prevents some simple scrapers from getting access to your email address. There are two versions of this script called Simple and Advanced. You can use either of them on your website.

Tips for Using a Contact Form

Contact forms provide a great way for your readers or clients to contact you when they want to share something or need help. Here are a few tips that might help you use contact forms more effectively and choose the ideal script for your project.

1. Always Validate User Input

Proper validation of user input helps both you and your readers. Some readers might fill out the wrong type of information by mistake. Others might be more malicious and might want to harm your business. Validating form input will help you solve both these problems.

Hello Form Contact Us Script jQuery ValidationHello Form Contact Us Script jQuery ValidationHello Form Contact Us Script jQuery Validation
Hello Form is one of the premium contact forms from CodeCanyon that validates user input.

2. Use Some Anti-Spam Measures

This is also very important. There are a lot of bots and scrapers on the internet which just fill out any form they come across to spread spam. This can be a huge problem for businesses as they will have to waste time and resources to filter out the spam later.

3. Create Simple Forms With Clear Instructions

Basic contact forms are open-ended and can be filled out by everyone. However, let's say a client wants your help with a technical issue. They might not know exactly what information they should provide to you to get help.

In such cases, it would greatly improve overall productivity if they are told in advance in the contact form the minimum information you need from them.

Conformy PHP AJAX Contact FormConformy PHP AJAX Contact FormConformy PHP AJAX Contact Form
Conformy makes easy to read and well-designed website contact forms.

The Best PHP Scripts on CodeCanyon

Explore thousands of the best and most useful PHP scripts ever created on CodeCanyon. With a low-cost one-time payment, you can purchase one of these high-quality PHP scripts and improve your website experience for you and your visitors.

Best PHP Scripts on CodeCanyonBest PHP Scripts on CodeCanyonBest PHP Scripts on CodeCanyon

Here are a few of the best-selling and up-and-coming PHP scripts available on CodeCanyon for 2023.

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