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The Top 15 Mobile Apps and Tools from CodeCanyon


With the proliferation and popularity of mobile sites, it's no wonder that CodeCanyon's Mobile Apps section has been growing in a big way. From iPhone to Android, developers have put together some amazing tools to help you with your mobile site development. Here's a quick run down of some of the top selling mobile apps and tools from the marketplace. Check them out and get inspired for your next mobile site project!

1. Create Your Own App (No Programming Skills Needed)

Create your own iPhone/iPod Touch application with no code at all! Let customer find you in the Apple AppStore and improve your communication potential.

2. DOLPHIN - XML iPad/iPhone Slideshow&EBook Template

Dolphin, XML Driven App Template, compatible with iPad and iPhone, with many exciting features, give you flexible for colorful Ebook/Slideshow creation.

3. Appnx - Create an iPhone App using a web CMS

Appsnx is an engine that allows you to create fully native iPhone app using a web CMS and without a single line of code. You can create a simple app with text and images or make something more elaborated by using some of the awesome features that Appsnx includes.

4. iRadio iPhone App

Just copy / past your streaming link and it works! Play directly when you open the application. Tested on Wifi and 3G.

5. BizApp for Titanium

BizApp, an iOS template built on Appcelerator’s Titanium, is a perfect ‘brochure’ app.

6. QR Code Scanner App Template ( Scanner / Reader )

The QR Code Scanner App Template makes it easy and simple to integrate QR Code reading technologies into your app.

7. BlogNews - iPhone blog app - Wordpress editions

BlogNews is a full native App for iPhone and has been built in response to the demand from the owners of Wordpress Blog / Magazine who want to offer to their users a professional iPhone App.

8. Mobile Store Locator

This mobile store locator is using a built-in API to fetch and display all the stores information. that makes it a very powerful and flexible mobile application. It enables users to views your stores list and details informations, view the stores on a Google Map, view a Google Street view, search by address, search the closest stores to their current location and more.

9. One Website For All Devices

One Website For All Devices allows you to build a single website, web application or native mobile application that works on multiple devices, screen sizes and orientations, all from the same code.

10. HTML / PDF Viewer - iOS Xcode Project

HTML / PDF Viewer (also known as Document / Website Viewer) is a plug-and-play iOS application.

11. Multi iRadio - Unlimited Radio - iAd Make Money

Unlimited streaming radio. Plus, make money with the iAd system that has already been instaled!

12. AJAX Mobile Contact Form

A contact form with very easy integration into your mobile website.

13. PhotoGallery - iOS Xcode Project

A Photo Gallery is a plug-and-play iOS application that is perfect for photographers and agencies.

14. Native Contact / Feedback Form - iOS Xcode Project

Native Contact / Feedback Form is a plug-and-play iOS application.

15. BandApp

The App comes with a number of features such as Cover flow, Playable Tracks (Local sound files), Gigs with location maps as well as a twitter and RSS feed integration.

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