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10 Best iOS Photo App Templates


Photo apps are among the most popular of iOS apps to be found in the App Store today. If you’re not an experienced developer but have long fantasised about building a photo app yourself, I’m here to make your dream a reality with this list of the ten best iOS photo app templates available at CodeCanyon.

App templates are ideal for novice coders because they already have core functions implemented for you so that you can customise the app easily and add the elements you most prefer to the app's code to create the product you want.  

So whether you’re interested in building an app for photo editing, adding text to photos, or creating your own social media photo app, there’s a photo app template here for you.


First up is PIXL, a handy photo editor app template with a customisable camera built-in. This means that users can take photos with the camera and start editing them right away or edit photos already in their photo library.


Some of the app’s best features are its filters, its brightness, saturation, contrast, and tonal adjustments, resizing and cropping controls, as well as the ability to add stickers, frames, and text.

When users have completed their edits, they can share their images directly from the app on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The app supports both iAd and AdMob and was created with Objective-C.

2. Photo/Video Social App

If you’d love to create your own Instagram-like app, check out the Photo/Video Social App template. This template allows developers to create a photo and video sharing app in the vein of Instagram where users can follow, like, comment, and share photos. 

PhotoVideo Social App

Users can log in with their email, Google, or Facebook accounts, and the app supports monetisation with AdMob. It also supports push notifications and comes with built-in Analytics to monitor performance.

The app template is written with Swift 4 and uses the latest version of Firebase.

User Bornagainfatkid says of the template:

“This is an awesome template, the documentation is very well written with video support. I was able to get this running in Xcode with minimal effort and posting to Firebase needed under an hour of just going over the documents. It does exactly what is listed in the description.”

3. iOS Image Editor

The beauty of the iOS Image Editor app template is that it gives developers two powerful photo editing templates for one, with both PhotoGram and PicStick templates in one bundle.

iOS Image Editor

Both apps feature tools like exposure, saturation, contrast, brightness and sharpness adjustment, filters, frames, stickers, focus and blur, image rotation, crop and resize, blemish removal, text and drawing features and more.

These Objective-C templates have AdMob and iAd implemented for easy monetisation, but if you don’t want to use ads, they can be disabled with one click.

4. Photo Collage Maker

Photo collages have become very popular over the past few years, so it’s no surprise that the Photo Collage Maker app template has made it onto our top ten list.

Photo Collage Maker

Written in Objective-C, this template will help you create a fabulous photo collage app easily and quickly that will allow users to drag and drop photos from their photo library, edit them, and then arrange them in one of a wide selection of collage styles. Users can also select their frame style, size, and colour, as well as adding stickers and text to their creation.

The template supports monetisation with AdMob.

5. Polaroyd

If you love the vintage look of Polaroid and want to create an app that allows users to replicate this effect in their photos, the Polaroyd app template may be just the thing for you.


Created with Swift, this template allows the app's users to take photos with the built-in camera or upload them from their photo library and edit them with a range of adjustments and filters to create the Polaroid look.

Users can also add different Polaroid frames and captions to their images and share them on Facebook and Twitter, email or messenger. 

6. Photo Stickers App

The Photo Stickers App is a template written in Objective-C and is ideal for developers who want to create an app for adding stickers to photos.

Photo Stickers App

Developers can create a range of stickers for use in their app, and users of their app can drag and drop these stickers on photos they’ve either taken with the app’s built-in camera or selected from their photo library. Users can move, scale, or rotate their stickers.

Once the user has created their composition, they can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The app supports AdMob and iAD for easy monetisation.

7. Photo Trivia Quiz

Developing your own photo quiz app has never been easier. With the Photo Trivia Quiz app template, you can create a wide range of photo-driven quizzes by creating your own categories, uploading your own photos, and creating questions for users to answer. 

Photo Trivia Quiz

You can also customise the parameters of the quiz. For example, users might need to fight against the clock so that the faster they answer questions, the more points they get. Or they might need to collect a set amount of points to unlock a new level of the quiz.

The template provides two versions—one for iPhones and the other for iPads—and supports a variety of ad providers like AdMob and Chartboost.

8. Gif Factory App

If you want to create an app that allows users to turn their photos or videos into a GIF sequence, then the Gif Factory App template is perfect for you. The app is designed to enable users to use photo sequences or video clips and turn them into animated GIFs quickly and easily.

Gif Factory App

Even if users aren’t interested in creating their own GIFs from scratch, they can use the app to play GIFs stored in their photo library and edit them as they wish. All GIFs can be shared via email, messaging, and social media.

The template, which is written in Swift, is fully AdMob integrated.

9. QuickTxt

The power of the QuickTxt app template is its simplicity and ease of use. The app template, which is written in Swift, targets developers who want to create a straightforward text app that allows users to add text to their images and share them quickly via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.


Users can select their fonts, adjust text size and colour, move and scale photos, and apply a coloured background to their images.

10. Funny Face Maker

To round off our list, check out the Funny Face Maker app template. This app template helps developers create one of those incredibly silly apps that few of us can resist, maybe because they bring a bit of comic relief to our day by allowing us to make funny photos of ourselves that will keep family and friends endlessly amused.

Funny Face Maker

The template provides a huge selection of fun objects and effects for developers to select for inclusion in their app.

For the end user, the app is very easy to use. They just need to take a photo with their camera or select the photo they want to manipulate from their photo library, and then select the fun object or objects they want to use. Users can resize and move the object(s) as needed, and save the image. Finally, they can share on social media, by email or messenger.


These top 10 iOS photo app templates are just a small selection of the iOS photo app templates we have available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

If you want to explore more iOS apps and templates, then check out some of our other posts on CodeCanyon app templates!

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