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The Best Ionic App Templates


With Ionic, creating a high-performance, cross-platform mobile app is as easy as making a website. Seasoned web developers or anyone with an intimate knowledge of JavaScript can quickly get up and running with Ionic. Its ability to develop native apps on Android, iOS, and more with a JS framework and a single codebase makes it a breeze to pick up. It also boasts a substantial community, good documentation, and even a drag-and-drop builder that can handle several tasks.

Building a feature-rich Ionic app with an elegant user interface, however, can be challenging—even more so if it is to look native on multiple platforms. Fortunately, by using a ready-made Ionic template, you can save substantial amounts of time and effort.

The Best Ionic App Templates on CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon is one of the largest online marketplaces for Ionic templates. No matter what your app’s requirements are, there’s a good chance that CodeCanyon has one that will help give your project a boost!

Ionic templates on CodeCanyon

Ionic templates work similarly to front-end themes and templates for platforms like WordPress. They consist of a collection of files and assets that help to bridge the gap between the framework itself and the finished product that you are building.

There are a ton of benefits to using an Ionic app template, namely:

  • starting with a large portion of your project already completed
  • documented, professional code
  • reduced project cost
  • an existing structure to build the remainder of your project on

Pairing these benefits with the already robust framework provided by Ionic gives developers a huge leg up when it comes to app development. Small development teams and those with limited resources will find them especially helpful. Purchasing your premium theme on CodeCanyon can give you all of these benefits, and in some cases, you may even be able to purchase extended support.

The templates covered here are just a small sample of the hundreds of Ionic app templates we have available at CodeCanyon. With so many app templates in existence, you’re sure to find one that’s helpful, no matter how niche your project. So check them out!

15 Best Premium Ionic App Templates (From CodeCanyon for 2020)

1. Ionic 3 UI Theme

Ionic 3 ui

The Ionic 3 UI Theme template is ideal for Ionic developers who want to create beautiful apps but spend less time designing them. It offers just one theme that includes over 100 commonly used screens and 100+ components. It also has a well-organized Sass file containing dozens of elements that you can change to customize your app’s appearance. It also comes with a Firebase back-end, push notifications, form validation, and much more.

2. Ion2FullApp—Full Ionic Template for Ionic 


Ion2FullApp, developed by elite author IonicThemes, is a multipurpose app template which comes in three different versions: basic, pro, and elite. These three versions offer from 30 to 38 screens, each with different combinations of components to suit a variety of needs. Some of the best features offered are Google Maps integration, push notifications, social share and login, geolocation, a video player, and an image slider.

3. Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce

Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce

Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce, developed by hakeemnala, is a template you should consider using if you are looking to create an eCommerce app. It allows you to quickly create a beautiful app that can connect to your WooCommerce website.

This integration allows you to pull in settings, products, and more. This cohesiveness across platforms provides a seamless experience and makes it a breeze for your customers to shop your brand anywhere, without feeling out of place.

This app template supports all primary payment methods and has auto-updating shipping information and a global search, making it as versatile as it is stunning. It also supports push notifications so customers can get to know about deals even when they are not using the app.

4. Ionic 3 Restaurant App

Ionic 3 Restaurant App

If you’re looking for an intuitive restaurant app that’s easy to set up, then check out this Ionic 3 Restaurant App template, developed by Lrandom. The app is well structured and offers useful features that will enhance any restaurant’s presence.

Food categories, fully fleshed-out product listings, flexible pricing, current promotions, a powerful search, and an easily navigable cart will help your app to stand out. Also, the source code for the app comes with an admin panel CMS that will help you build your app faster.

5. Ionic Material Design

Ionic Material Design

Do you or your team follow the Google Material Design concepts? This app template will make you feel right at home then! Developed to meet Material Design guidelines and best practices, this app will fit right in with any other Material Design projects that you have up and running.

Beyond its looks, this app has its own full set of features. Storage functions, social connectors, push notifications, and in-app advertising handling makes it the perfect combination of a beautiful design with functional code. Make sure to check out this template developed by IonicMaterialDesign!

6. Restaurant Ionic 5

Restaurant Ionic 5

Restaurant Ionic 5, which is developed by appseed, is a template that’s bound to entice any restaurant owner—or restaurant-goer. Apps created with it are feature-packed, and they have intuitive user interfaces that let customers view menus, place customized orders, read about special offers, and choose delivery methods. They’ll also allow you to communicate with your customers using push notifications. It also supports login with Google and Facebook accounts.

Setting this template up is a breeze. So is customizing it, because you can dramatically change the looks of your app by simply selecting one of the several beautiful Material Design-inspired color themes it offers.

7. Ionic 3 Toolkit Personal Edition

Ionic 3 toolkit

The Ionic 3 Toolkit Personal Edition allows you to build your mobile app with diverse screens and elements quickly. It comes with three different codebases: for Ionic 3, Ionic 4, and Ionic 5.

It also comes with two different themes, light and dark variants, each with an extensive collection of beautifully crafted, frequently-used screens and a beautiful UI kit to build premium-looking apps.

8. Ionic 5 App for WooCommerce

Ionic 5 App for WooCommerce

This Ionic WooCommerce app template is a beautifully designed, easy-to-use app that automatically syncs products and categories from your WooCommerce store. Users can also browse product images and customer reviews to decide what they want to purchase. They can also make payments and track orders. Other features include Google and Facebook login support, a wallet system, and push notifications.

9. WooCommerce Mobile App

WooCommerce Mobile App

The WooCommerce Mobile App template, by hakeemnala, is a best-selling template and is one of the best rated in its category.

The app allows clients to connect to their WooCommerce store and sync categories and products in real time. Once customers register and log in, they can shop, pay for items, view order status and order history, and manage their accounts. Useful features include a featured products page, categories, a powerful search and filter, list and grid views, as well as ratings and reviews.

Being able to tie into an existing CMS reduces the overall work that needs to be completed, both by developers and by the eventual end user.

10. Multi Restaurants Ionic 3 and Firebase App

Multi restaurant Ionic 3

Multi Restaurant Ionic 3 is the perfect template to create a fully fledged restaurant system. This template comes with every possible functionality you can think of, including the ability for customers to make reservations. Some of its notable features include:

  • maps which allow customers to find nearby restaurants
  • Firebase authentication
  • support for multiple payment gateways

11. Conference Ionic 3

Conference Ionic 3

Another app template by the prolific developer appseed, the Conference Ionic 3 app template offers something unique in the app template arena. The app is aimed at conference organizers who want to create an app for attendees that provides all the information related to a conference in one handy app.

It allows attendees to view conference information such as location, exhibition halls, speakers, schedules, sponsors, committees, and much more. Users can access speaker profiles and create their schedules, which is helpful for anyone who’s trying to make sense of a multi-track conference.

12. Ionic5 eCommerce

Ionic eCommerce

While we’ve covered a few specific eCommerce templates so far, Ionic5 eCommerce is a different beast. Its focus on widely useable features has made it a popular starting point for those looking to sell online. While it operates well as a template, its real power is in its toolkit approach, providing everything you might need for many types of eCommerce apps.

Ionic eCommerce offers a variety of ready-made eCommerce pages to create your mobile app and provide a comprehensive CMS to manage your store. Some key features include interactive themes, social share, product filters, sorting and search, inventory management, and much more. The developer provides full support and will customize and install the app for you for a fee.

13. Nearme 6.0

Nearme 6

Nearme is a location-based app template by developer quanlabs. The Ionic 5 template helps developers build an app that will identify supermarkets, restaurants, places of interest, gas stations, etc. that are near the user. The template comes with an admin panel that allows developers to send push notifications to users and manage categories, places, deals, slider images, users, reviews, and more. 

14. Ionic 5 Food Delivery Full App

ionic food delivery

The Ionic 5 Food Delivery app is a fully functional and ready-to-use app with a Firebase back-end and comes with three main apps: a user app, restaurant app, and delivery app. This template also features a unique and attractive, fully responsive UI. Other features include:

  • support for multiple payment options
  • restaurant, food, and driver reviews
  • support for multiple restaurants
  • live location tracking and many more

15. Hala News Ionic 5 WordPress App

Hala News Ionic 5 Wordpress App

Hala News Pro is a highly rated Ionic 5 WordPress application, which you can use to build apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Notable features of this app include auto push notifications via OneSignal, offline mode, social support and login, Google analytics, Facebook comments, and much more. Hala News is also easy to use and customize.

4 Free Ionic App Templates for 2020

Are you looking to test out some themes first before purchasing a premium one? Here are some of the best free Ionic templates that are available from around the web.

Firebase Social Login

Firebase Social Login is a complete solution if you need to add a social login component to your app. It is an Ionic app that provides login support for Google and Facebook.


This Ionic theme provides all of the styling and elements needed to create an app that looks like Instagram. It doesn’t come with a back-end, but if you’re looking for a theme with style, check Instaclone out.

Ionic Slack

Similar to the previous theme, this app is front-end only. Its styles and theming will let you create an app like Slack. From there, you can adjust the branding to match your own! It’s available from the Ionic Slack GitHub account.


iClubs Ionic Theme

This theme comes with styles and theming, and a handful of great-looking screens. If you want to take it for a test run, you can find it on the official iClub GitHub page.

Find an Ionic App Template on CodeCanyon

Which Ionic app template will you try first? If you have used an app template for your Ionic project, we’d love to hear about it. Tell us about your experience and the template you used below, and we might include it in a future post!

CodeCanyon is one of the largest online marketplaces for Ionic templates. No matter what your app’s requirements are, there’s a good chance that CodeCanyon has one that will help give your project a boost!

Ionic App Templates from CodeCanyon

And if you want to improve your skills in building Ionic apps and templates, then check out some of the ever-so-useful Ionic tutorials we have on offer!

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