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12 Best Contact Form PHP Scripts


Contact forms are a must have for every website. They encourage your site visitors to engage with you while potentially lowering the amount of spam you get.

For businesses, this engagement with visitors increases the chances of turning them into clients or customers and thus increasing revenue.

Whether your need is for a simple three-line contact form or a more complex one that offers loads of options and functions, you’re sure to find the right PHP contact form here in our 12Best Contact Form PHP Scripts on CodeCanyon.

1. Perfect Contact Us Form

Perfect Contact Us Form is a Bootstrap-based form which is fully customisable and easy to use. It integrates easily with HTML and PHP pages, and all fields use jQuery validation script.

Perfect Contact Us Form

Best features:

  • AJAX based
  • both SMPT and PHP email script
  • jQuery-based Captcha is included for anti spam
  • and more

The PerfectContact Us Form is an easy-to-use form that will appeal to both beginners and more experienced alike.

2. Quform- Responsive AJAX Contact Form

Quform is a versatile AJAX contact form that can be adapted to be a register form, quote form, or any other form needed.

Quform - Responsive AJAX Contact Form

Best features:

  • three ready-to-use themes with six variations
  • ability to integrate into your own theme design
  • ability to create complex form layouts
  • file uploads supported
  • and more

With tons of other customisations available, Quform- Responsive AJAX Contact Form is bound to keep the most discerning user happy.  

3. PHP Form Builder

A CodeCanyon top seller, PHP Form Builder includes the jQuery live validation plugin which enables you to build any type of form, connect your database, insert, update or delete records and send your emails using customizable HTML/CSS templates.

PHP Form Builder

Best features:

  • over 50 prebuilt templates included
  • accepts any HTML5 form elements
  • default options ready for Bootstrap
  • email sending with advanced options
  • and more

With loads of options for creating a variety of elegant contact forms and extensive documentation to help you on your way, PHP Form Builder is definitely a top choice for PHP site owners.

4. SLEEK Contact Form

Having made its debut in April 2017, SLEEK Contact Form is the newest contact form PHP Script on CodeCanyon, and with its simple and beautiful design and functionality, it promises to have a great future.

SLEEK Contact Form

Best features:

  • invisible Google reCaptcha anti-spam system
  • ability to add attachments of any type
  • automatically get the IP and location of the sender inside email
  • easy to modify and implement new fields
  • and more

If you want a simple contact form with a bit of a wow factor, SLEEK Contact Form may be just what you’re looking for.

5. Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

The Ultimate PHP, HTML5 and AJAX Contact Form replaces the hugely successful AJAX Contact Form and allows you to easily place and manage a self-contained contact form on any page of your existing PHP website.

Ultimate PHP HTML5  AJAX Contact Form

Best features:

  • supports file uploads to attach to email
  • field type validation
  • multiple forms per page allowed
  • Google reCAPTCHA capable
  • and more

The Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form is loaded with useful features that will satisfy PHP site owners looking for a reliable contact form.

6. Contact Form Generator - Easy & Powerful Form Builder

Contact Form Generator is one of CodeCanyon’s best-selling Contact Form PHP Scripts.  It features a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that helps you build contact forms, feedback forms, online surveys, event registrations etc. and get responses via email in a matter of minutes.

Contact Form Generator - Easy  Powerful Form Builder

Best features:

  • instant email or SMS notifications
  • custom email auto-responder
  • integrated with MailChimp, AWeber and five other email subscription services
  • anti-spam protection
  • and more

Contact Form Generator - Easy & Powerful Form Builder is a highly effective form builder that enables you to create well-designed contact forms and extend their range to include other functions.

7. KONTAKTO - AJAX Contact Form with Styled Map

KONTAKTO only entered the market in March of 2017 but has already developed a name for itself as one of the top-rated scripts in this category. The standout feature of this beautifully designed contact form is the stylish map with a location pin that comes integrated in the form.

KONTAKTO - AJAX Contact Form with Styled Map

Best features:

  • required field validation
  • anti spam with simple Captcha math
  • defaults to PHP mail but SMTP option available
  • repeat submission prevention
  • and more

Simple yet stylish, KONTAKTO - AJAX Contact Form with Styled Map can be easily integrated with your HTML or PHP page and will be a fast favourite with many PHP site owners.

8. ContactPLUS+ PHP Contact Form

ContactPlus+ is another clean and simple contact form which comes in three styles: an un-styled version that you can build to suit your taste, a normal form with just the essential information needed on a contact form, and a longer form to accommodate an address.

ContactPLUS - PHP Contact Form

Best features:

  • Captcha verification
  • successful submission message
  • two styled and one un-styled version
  • and more

If you’re looking for a clean and simple contact form that will integrate easily on you PHP website, ContactPLUS+ PHP Contact Form is the one for you.

9. AJAX Contact Pro - Multi-language HTML5, Bootstrap Contact Form

Built using jQuery and PHP, AJAX Contact Pro comes in eight style variations and has four HTML email templates. One of the features that make this form so special is that it enables users to translate the form fields into their language in real time. If a preferred language isn’t present in the predefined list, the site administrator can add it to the list.

AJAX Contact Pro - Multi-language HTML5 Bootstrap Contact Form

Best features:

  • AJAX form
  • field validations
  • animations
  • modular construction so it can be integrated in an existing project
  • and more

AJAXContact Pro - Multi-language HTML5, Bootstrap Contact Form is certainly a cool addition to the contact form PHP scripts offerings.

10. Hello Form Builder - Contact Form

Powered by AJAX and jQuery, the Hello Form Builder employs an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function to help site owners custom build contact forms with a variety of fields and features like file upload, file attachment, Captcha system, etc.

Hello Form Builder - Contact Form

Best features:

  • 50 background images included
  • ability to customise error messages
  • one-click installation
  • auto responder message
  • and more

Hello Form Builder - Contact Form is a user-friendly builder that will appeal to a wide cross-section of users.

11. Responsive Contact Form

The Responsive Contact Form has just one main option to configure—your email address—to make the script functional on your PHP site.

Responsive Contact Form

Best features

  • AJAX back end to save your bandwidth
  • uses JavaScript jQuery slide
  • very easy to integrate into any existing HTML or PHP page on your website
  • all fields have a validation script
  • and more

See Responsive Contact Form in action over at Code Canyon.

12. ContactForm with Custom Auto Responder

Another of Code Canyon’s top sellers, Contact Form with Custom Auto Responder is easy to edit and add to your PHP or HTML pages.

Contact Form With Custom Auto Responder

Best features:

  • dropdown subject selection with different emails
  • custom auto responder message
  • custom Captcha filter
  • no separate page needed for thank you message
  • and more

ContactForm With Custom Auto Responder has been around for a while but is still holding its own among the newcomers.


These 12 Best Contact Form PHP Scripts just scratch the surface of products available at Envato Market, so if none of them fit your needs, there are plenty of other great options you may prefer.

And if you want to improve your PHP skills, check out the ever so useful free PHP tutorials we have on offer.

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