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Best WordPress Widgets for 2021


Check out this list of the best WordPress widgets for 2020. These top widget plugins will let you add a feature-rich and easy-to-use WordPress widget to your website.

There many different types of premium widgets plugins available on CodeCanyon that will help you improve the functionality of your website. You can find social media widgets, weather widgets, map widgets, and much more. 

Advanced Categories Widget
Advanced Categories Widget is one of the many WordPress plugins that can help you transform your website. 

Plugins and widgets will help build a website that gives your customers and potential customers the best website experience possible. The high-quality and diverse collection of WordPress widgets and plugins available on CodeCanyon will help you build a website that works for your specific business.  

The Best WordPress Widgets on CodeCanyon

Explore the largest collection of premium WordPress widgets ever created on CodeCanyon. With just one low-cost payment, you can download and install these high-quality WordPress widgets and give your visitors the website experience they deserve.

Here are some of the weekly best-selling WordPress widgets on CodeCanyon for 2020.

Best-Selling WordPress Widget Plugins

These powerful widgets allow you to add advanced features to your website that are not possible with the basic WordPress installation. The widgets allow you to add a wide variety of features to your website, such as:

  • new tabs and categories
  • social media feeds and pages
  • advanced sidebars
  • testimonials
  • cryptocurrency displays
  • and much more

What are you waiting for? Head on over to CodeCanyon and add a premium widget to your website today!

Top 20 WordPress Widgets (From CodeCanyon for 2021)

1. Sidebar and Widget Manager for WordPress

Get more control over your layout and sidebars for your WordPress widgets with the Sidebar and Widget Manager for WordPress plugin.

Sidebar  Widget Manager for WordPress

No coding knowledge is needed, and there are plenty of options, with features including:

  • WPML, WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress support
  • widget visibility, alignment, and location
  • fully responsive and grid managers
  • and more!

Whether you need to set up advanced layouts, replace your theme sidebar, or create fully widgetized pages, you'll have lots of options. Get more control over where your WordPress widgets display with Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress.

2. Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets

If you're looking for some cryptocurrency widgets, look no further than the Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets plugin.

With unlimited customization and lifetime support, there's hardly a better way to get cryptocurrency WordPress widgets on your website.

Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets

Features include:

  • ticker widgets
  • table widgets
  • chart widgets
  • card widgets
  • converter widgets
  • and more

Display cryptocurrency prices in real time and enjoy the great CSS3 animations and design. It's also compatible with Visual Composer.

Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets offers the best in cryptocurrency WordPress widgets.

3. Advanced Text Widget Pro

Advanced Text Widget Pro

With Advanced Text Widget Pro, you can display your widgets on specific pages, posts, and sections of your website. The widget comes with 10 default conditions and more than 20 visibility options to allow for flexibility of the display of your widgets. Here are a few other notable features of this plugin:

  • apply visibility conditions to any widget on your site
  • add custom CSS ids and classes 
  • Advanced Text widget with shortcodes

4. Popular Posts Widget for WordPress: Go Trend

WordPress popular post plugins are not easy to come by, so the Go Trend widget is a welcome addition.

Popular Posts Widget for WordPress - Go Trend

Easily mold your popular posts widget to your liking:

  • show posts in the past day, week, year, or all time
  • custom font and color options
  • order by comments or views
  • unlimited layouts
  • and much, much more

This popular post plugin is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Popular Posts Widget for WordPress: Go Trend could very well be one of the best blogging plugins on CodeCanyon.

5. WhatsApp Chat and Share

WhatsApp Chat and Share

Let your website visitors chat with you on WhatsApp directly from your website with this plugin. This plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of WhatsApp chat buttons to display it in different parts of your site. Add one of the most popular messaging apps to your website today!

Check out the front end demo and the back end demo of this widget.

6. Top Stories

Top Stories

With Top Stories, you can display your top posts and articles in the sidebar, header, or footer of your website. Displaying your website's top posts helps keep your website visitors on your website, which will increase the chances of making a conversion. Here is what you can expect from Top Stories:

  • change the background color 
  • select custom animations
  • set posts on a time lapse
  • filter content by category, custom post types, and time lapse

7. Coins MarketCap

Coins MarketCap

With Coins MarketCap, you can create a fully automatic cryptocurrency price listing WordPress website. The plugin uses the coinexchangeprice.com crypto data API to show live crypto prices, market capitalization, charts, and other important cryptocurrency data. 

Here are of few of the features of this plugin:

  • display a list of top 2,000+ crypto coins 
  • sort the list based on cryptocurrency rank, price, market cap, and volume
  • customizable column data

View a live preview of Coins MarketCap.

8. WordPress WhatsApp Support

WordPress WhatsApp Support

More than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp. This plugin allows you to run WhatsApp on your own WordPress site. What separates this plugin from other WhatsApp plugins are the built-in analytics and 24/7 support. 

This plugin features:

  • multi-person support
  • group invitation
  • fully responsive design
  • live support button shortcode

View this plugin's live preview now!

9. Extended Tags Widget

This premium widget gives you total control over the output of your tags. Extended Tags Widget replaces the default WordPress tag cloud widget. This allows you to make the tags more specific and visually appealing for your website viewers. 

Here are a few notable features:

  • add post tags in the post content 
  • title icons
  • widget background image
  • 20+ tag styles

View the live preview of Extended Tags Widget.

10. Astero WordPress Weather Plugin

One of the most searched-for types of WordPress widget is a weather widget—and one of the most robust and weather-centric solutions is the Astero WordPress Weather Plugin. This lets you display the forecast for either a default location or a location based on the visitor's IP. It's the perfect addition for local business and community websites.

Astero WordPress Weather Plugin

This WordPress weather plugin has just about everything you could want in a weather widget:

  • Forecast.io or Openweathermap.org service
  • fully responsive and two display modes
  • HTML5 geolocation with IP fallback
  • search by city or zip
  • three background types
  • and more

Weather (see what I did there?) you want to add the current temperature in the sidebar or you want to display the weekly forecast, Astero WordPress Weather Plugin will do the trick.

11. WP Weather: Widget and Visual Composer Add-Ons

WordPress widgets for the weather are great for restaurants, tourist locations, and more. The WP Weather plugin is easy to use and adds a good-looking weather widget—no matter the weather.

WP Weather - Widget and Visual Composer Add-Ons
"You can show any location's weather by using city name and the OpenWeatherMap API. WP Weather is a responsive device supported. You can use it in any WordPress theme."

Features include:

  • display five-day forecast
  • uses OpenWeatherMap API
  • five different layouts and unlimited color options
  • display city name, lows, highs, humidity, and more

The WP Weather: Widget and Visual Composer Add-Ons includes just the right amount of options and looks great, too.

12. Widget Ninja

If you love widgets are would like more control over your WordPress widgets, then you need to be a Widget Ninja. This plugin packs a powerful punch and puts you in control of your sidebars and widgets.

Widget Ninja

Features include:

  • robust sidebar logic system
  • works with any widget
  • no code editing—just drag and drop!
  • and more

The Widget Ninja has 25 conditional tags, 11 additional options, and logical operators.

There's no need for multiple sidebars when you have these kinds of ninja skills.

13. Custom Widget Areas

Custom Widget Areas

If you have ever wanted to show different widgets on the various pages, posts, and content on your website, then this is the widget for you. Custom Widget Areas lets you create an unlimited number of sidebars and add them through the default WordPress widget area interface. 

The plugin recognizes your theme's default sidebars and allows you to replace them, as well as allowing you to set individual sidebars for any template in WordPress.

Here is what user martintr is saying about this widget:

"A really excellent little plugin–works straight out of the box and nice and intuitive."

14. Advanced Business Hours

Advanced Business Hours is perfect for displaying business hours on a business website. Not only is it designed well, but it includes useful features for implementation and customization.

Advanced Business Hours

It is fully responsive, customizable, and retina-ready.

Other features include:

  • business hours for the current day
  • start and end business hours
  • business hours for the week
  • group consecutive days
  • and more

Adding and updating your business hours has never been this awesome and easy. Advanced Business Hours is one of the best WordPress widgets for business hours ever.

15. Fancy Text Widget

Fancy Text Widget

The Fancy Text Widget will give your website a fresh new look. Add a visually appealing font and background to your website's widget area that's sure to catch the attention of anyone viewing your webpage. 

Here are a few of these widgets features:

  • 10 fancy pins, tapes, and icons
  • 10 beautiful handwriting Google fonts
  • 6 fancy background textures 
  • adjustable corner shadows
  • over 1,000 possible graphical combinations

Take a look at what is possible with this widget here.

16. Smart Post Lists Widget

Smart Post Lists Widget

This widget builds post lists based on your input. You can drag and drop the widget in as many sidebars or custom widget areas as you like and build as many independent lists as you like. 

Here are some of this plugin's key features:

  • unlimited post lists
  • custom post types and taxonomies support
  • display title, excerpt, date, and comments
  • list length and order
  • customizable list delimiter

Check out this widgets video preview for a more in-depth look into the widget.

17. All in One Support Button

All in One Support Button

All in One Support Button displays a visually appealing contact dashboard on every page of your site. You can choose exactly what type of contact methods will be displayed on desktop and mobile versions of your site.

Here is what you can expect with the All in One Support Button:

  • customize the button position, color, size, icon, and label 
  • customize the menu size, menu background, menu icon style, and text color 
  • live chat integrations 
  • customize prompt messages
  • callback requests 

See how this widget can improve your website by viewing the live preview.

18. Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

This widget will help you display cryptocurrency prices, display a price ticker, provide real-time updates, and much more! By adding a simple shortcode to your website, you can have a cryptocurrency tracker displayed to all your website viewers. 

Here are a few notable features:

  • create a price label for any crypto coin
  • show crypto coins price ticker inside header and footer 
  • show crypto market real-time price updates
  • 100+ top crypto coins price and market updates

Check out how this widget can look on your website here.

19. Massive Stock Market and Forex Widgets

Massive Stock Market  Forex Widgets

This widget is a ready-to-use stock and forex widget with extensive and feature-rich admin customization options. Whether you’re holding or riding the stock market wave, this widget will give your website an eye-catching table that is sure to impress.

Here are a few notable features:

  • table, ticker, chart, list, and card viewers
  • chat, email, and Skype support
  • constant updates
  • advanced customization of all graphical displays

View the live preview of this powerhouse widget. 

20. Smart Market Widgets

If you're selling on Envato, you need to take a closer look at Smart Market Widgets.

Using the Envato API, you can display information about files available on all of the Envato marketplaces.

Smart Market Widgets

This includes five different widgets:

  1. featured author
  2. featured file
  3. files list
  4. search for files
  5. Powered By API banner

You can display both your own products as well as others, by adding a referrer to each URL.

Smart Market Widgets is a great way to connect your website with Envato Market.

5 Free WordPress Widgets for Download in 2021

By purchasing a premium WordPress widget, you will have access to the highest-quality widgets ever developed. These feature-rich widgets will give a level of control and customization that free WordPress widgets cannot.

If you are currently on a budget, you might not be able to afford to purchase these premium widgets, but still want to upgrade your website. 

Below is a list of five of the best free-to-download widgets for WordPress.

1. Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, quotes, reviews, or text with images or videos on your WordPress site. You can easily implement the content of the testimonial into your website through the use of shortcodes.

2. Recent Posts Widget

This free-to-download WordPress widget plugin is based on the well-known WordPress default Recent Posts widget but displays more information about the posts. For example, you can display thumbnails, excerpts, and assigned categories. You will also be able to build custom post lists to make sure you are displaying only your website's most important posts.

3. Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget

This handy map plugin loads Google Maps into the widget area of your website. This lightweight widget will show any map from around the world. The map height and width are customizable, so you can fit it into any website theme. 

4. Rating-Widget

Rating-Widget is the most popular GDPR-compliant five-star review system on the web. You can show this five-star rating on posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress forums. This plugin is a must-have if you need a rating system on your website.

5. Social Media Widget

The Social Media Widget is a sidebar widget that allows users to input their social media website profiles and display their social media icons on the sidebar. If you are looking to grow your audience on your social media platforms, then add this widget to your sidebar.

Adding the Fancy Text Widget to Your Website

WordPress widgets are incredibly easy to install and add to your website. In this section, I am going to go over the installation and addition of the Fancy Text widget to a WordPress website. 

In our example, we are going to be the owners of a clothing eCommerce store and want to add a visually appealing reminder for our website visitors to come back to our website next week for the sales we will be offering on our coats.

After you have installed the Fancy Text widget, head on over to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets. From there, you will be taken to the widget dashboard, where you can see all the available widgets for your website. Find the Fancy Text tab, and click the drop-down menu. From there, click the Footer option and then click Add Widget. The widget will now be added to the footer section in the widget editor. 

Now that the widget has been added, it's time to customize it. For the title, we will type, "Remember" and for the description, we will type, "Check back on our site next week for our big sales on our coats!" This title and description will encourage our website visitors to come back next week for this big sale.

Next, we will style the widget. We want the styling to catch the attention of our users, so we will style the widget accordingly. First, click the drop-down menu labeled Background. Choose the Crumbled paper, less option. From there, change the font setting to Default, theme defined to ensure continuity with the theme of our website. Finally, change the Icon setting to Safety Pin.

Styling the Fancy Text Widget

Click the Save button at the bottom of the widget editor and you are done. Head on over to your website, and you can see that our Fancy Text widget was added and is ready to attract more customers to our site next week!

Fancy Text Widget For eCommerce Website

Download the Fancy Text Widget today!

Take Advantage of the Top WordPress Widgets Available on CodeCanyon Now!

In today's digital age, website visitors are used to interacting with full-featured websites. The out-of-the-box WordPress installation doesn't give you enough features to create these stunning websites that people are accustomed to. 

By adding one or more of the premium WordPress widgets to your website, you will improve the user experience and ultimately grow your business.

The widgets available will allow you to add numerous features such as social media sharing, weather updates, cryptocurrency tickers, and much more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your website to the next level!

In addition to the premium widgets available on CodeCanyon, there are thousands of other high-quality WordPress plugins that can drastically improve your WordPress site. Have a look through this massive collection of plugins, and you'll find helpful plugins in all different types of categories from marketing to eCommerce to calendars.

Here are a few of the best-selling and hot new WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon for 2021.

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