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Using Tynt To Extend Copy and Paste On WordPress Sites

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Tynts Copy and Paste SiteCTRL Service

If you'd like to increase the likelihood that readers pasting your content will cite your website, use Tynt's free SiteCTRL Copy and Paste service. Tynt places Javascript on your WordPress site that allows you to specify a detailed citation and link to append to the user's clipboard. When readers paste content from your site, the citation information will be automatically inserted.

Example of Tynts Customize Copy and Paste Settings

Your site’s search engine footprint is increased whenever readers use the citation link. The presence of the link across social media drives incremental traffic to your site.

SiteCTRL also tracks this copy and paste activity with detailed page source reporting:

Tynt Whats Being Copied Report - Table Summary

Tynt reports that between 2 and 6% of page views result in some kind of user action that SiteCTRL can track. 

If your website has 20 million page views per month, then content most likely leaves your site over 1 million times per month. Wouldn't you want to know what content gets copied and how often it leaves to help site optimization?


  • Tynt ensures your brand travels with your content wherever it is pasted.
  • Tynt makes it more likely users will source your content when sharing via the clipboard.
  • Tynt helps you analyze keywords and topics that lead users to leave your site.

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through signing up with Tynt's free services, installing one of the supported WordPress plugins, and examining the SiteCTRL feature and reporting.

Getting Start With Tynt

Create a Free Account With Tynt

To begin, you'll need to Create An Account with Tynt on their signup page:

Tynt Sign Up

Then you can review the Tynt Installation Guide or install one of the two recommended WordPress plugins, both free:

Install a Free Tynt WordPress Plugin

From your WordPress Dashboard, if you visit the Add Plugins page and search for "tynt", you'll see Easy Tynt and Tynt Insight for WordPress. You can use either. 

Tynt Add Tynt Compatible Plugins

Copy Your Tynt Javascript Code

From the Tynt SiteCTRL installation guide, select self-host WordPress. 

Tynt Installation Guide for WordPress

And get your sample code. An example is shown below. You can also find yours here: http://www.tynt.com/install.

From WordPress, on the Tynt Plugin settings page, paste this script into WordPress:

Tynt Insight for WordPress Plugin Settings

If you're using a cache with WordPress, you'll need to clear your cache and wait about ten minutes.

Then you can test your script with Tynt:

Tynt Test Your Installation

I ran into a few problems with the verification process, but Tynt's support team responded immediately. I just didn't wait long enough to test.

Copy and Paste Settings

Within Tynt, you can configure what's added to the clipboard when users copy text on your WordPress site. For example, I changed the prefix to "Source:" and added the Twitter handle, @PubWP, for my Publishing with WordPress site.

Tynt Customize Copy and Paste Settings

There are also advanced customizations that allow you to control whether the page title and URL are appended, et al.

Tynt Advanced Settings

Whenever you change your configuration settings, Tynt sends you an email report for verification purposes. This is a nice feature, especially if someone hijacks your Tynt settings:

Tynt Email Report for Settings Changes

See Tynt in Action

Tynt's SiteCTRL Copy and Paste

Now, let's try copying and pasting content from my Tynt-enabled site. You can try it yourself by selecting content on Publishing with WordPress and copying it to the clipboard, as shown below:

Tynt Example of Copying Text From Your Website

Then, visit any text editor or WordPress post editor and paste in the content. You'll see something like this:

All of the additional content is generated by Tynt SiteCTRL to encourage citation linking and backlinking.

Tynt's SpeedShare

You can also experiment with Tynt's free SpeedShare bar. After you copy text, the user will be presented with popup sharing options:

Tynt SpeedShare Bar After Copy Command

This is a nice way of encouraging people to share on social media. The content is also placed in the clipboard if they intend to paste it to another application.

Tynt's Reporting Features

Now, let's review Tynt's reporting capabilities. I've only been running Tynt for a few days, so there's only a bit of data, but you can still get a sense of the value of this information.

The What's Being Copied Report

The What's Being Copied report shows you the frequency of copy and paste activities over the past day, week or month:

Tynt Whats Being Copied Report

You can also see specifically which pages are most frequently cited:

Tynt Whats Being Copied Report - Table Summary

And you can see the typical length of text that readers are copying. This may also help you detect if there is significant content theft occuring from your site.

Tynt Words Per Copy Report

Keywords Driving Users Away Report

There's also the keywords report showing text that users copied before leaving your site, not repasting it. Since Publishing with WordPress hosts numerous tutorials, these keywords appear to show users copying commands to use for their own walk through installations. However, at other sites, it will indicate keywords that led to your site being abandoned:

Tynt Keywords Driving Users Away Report

In Closing

I'm finding Tynt's copy and paste tracking and backlink support to be a useful feature for me to grow my site traffic. It's a useful control that I didn't previously have—and it's nice to have a view into this data. I hope you'll give it a try as well.

As always, please post any questions, comments, corrections or additional ideas below. I generally participate in the discussions. You can also browse my other Tuts+ tutorials on my instructor page or follow me on Twitter @reifman.

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