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Use WP Scheduled Posts to Manage Your Publishing Calendar

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Managing a dynamic content strategy requires big-picture thinking. It means staying on top of your content strategy and your content team. It means planning and scheduling your posts in advance: what day and time they will go live. And, once they go live, publicizing them on social media. 

It means taking stock of your content to see what type of content you have a lot of and what kind of content you need more of. It means posting new content and updating old content. 

Fortunately, you can ditch the spreadsheets, turn off those calendar reminders, and manage your scheduled and draft posts in one place with a convenient month-to-month look at your content. 

Forgot to add a photo to a post? Easy. Need to reschedule a blog for another day? Done!

With WP Scheduled Posts, you can schedule your WordPress posts in advance and manage all authors in one place.

WP Scheduled Posts

WP Scheduled PostsWP Scheduled PostsWP Scheduled Posts

What Is WP Scheduled Posts?

The WP Scheduled Posts plugin is an editorial calendar tool that helps to streamline your content strategy and optimize productivity for your WordPress website. It is available for purchase from AppSumo.

As your one-stop shop for planning, creating, and scheduling blog posts on your WordPress site, WP Scheduled Posts makes it easy to stay on top of your content strategy and your content team.  

You get a full view of your content in the editorial calendar. You can see every scheduled post on the Editorial Calendar. You don't have to jump from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. 

Manage Everything—and Everyone—in One Place

With WP Scheduled Posts, keeping track of what and when you're posting is a breeze. You can do it all from the editorial calendar. 

It lets you manage multiple authors all in one place. You can easily manage your scheduled and draft posts right from the stunning calendar. You can create, edit and move posts easily with the intuitive drag-and-drop feature. 

Forgot to add a photo to a post? Easy. Need to reschedule a blog for another day? Done!

Plan Content Ahead of Time

Plan your content and schedule hundreds of posts ahead of time by specifying the time and date you want the post to go live. Then just set it and forget it—WP Scheduled Posts automatically publishes it for you! You can even go on vacation and enjoy some peace of mind knowing that posts will still go live when scheduled. 

Also, WP Scheduled Posts easily integrates with Twitter and Facebook. Sharing on these platforms increases the visibility of your content. So, once the post is live, WP Scheduled Posts will automatically share it on social media. No need for third-party websites or another tool to do the auto-sharing on Twitter or Facebook. 

No More Missed Posts! 

In a perfect world, scheduling a post on WordPress means that your content goes live at a designated time, every time. In WordPress world, sometimes you’re hit with the Missed Schedule Error, meaning a scheduled post doesn't get published. 

But now, you don’t have to worry anymore because WordPress Scheduled Posts comes equipped with a Missed Schedule Handler.

How does it work? It checks every 15 minutes whether any scheduled content has been missed, and it automatically posts anything that missed the given schedule.

This means you get to focus on the important things, like actually running your business—or going on an off-the-grid getaway.

Automate Your WordPress Content

Your days of slaving over spreadsheets and setting endless iPhone reminders are over. You let WP Scheduled Posts work for you by choosing and setting days and times when your posts will go live. It even shares your posts on social media for you. 

How about taking that vacation you’ve been dreaming about and leaving the laptop at home? 

How to Use WP Scheduled Posts

WP Scheduled Posts is a plugin calendar that lets you streamline your content strategy and reach maximum productivity on your WordPress site. 

Once you've installed the plugin, go to the WP Schedule Posts menu item in the WordPress admin sidebar and select either the Auto Scheduler or the Manual Scheduler option. 

Auto Scheduler

If you want a more hands-off, automated option, go for the Auto Scheduler. There, all you have to do is: 

  1. select your time zone 
  2. determine how many articles you want to go out each day
  3. select your posting time parameters

When you're setting up your next post, WP Scheduled Posts will automatically show you the next available time slots.

Auto Scheduler vs Manual Sceduler Auto Scheduler vs Manual Sceduler Auto Scheduler vs Manual Sceduler

Manual Scheduler

If you're looking for more control, select the Manual Scheduler. With this option, you will select what time you want your posts to be published each day. 

You can also toggle the Activate Missed Schedule option so you can trust a WordPress post will never go unpublished. Make sure to click on the Save Changes button after you activate the Missed Schedule Handler. 

Manual Scheduler optionsManual Scheduler optionsManual Scheduler options

The Schedule Calendar

To get a big-picture view of all the posts you're publishing, navigate to WP Scheduled Posts > Calendar in the WordPress admin menu. Here, you can easily see and manage your content.

Schedule Calendar viewSchedule Calendar viewSchedule Calendar view

In this calendar, you can use drag-and-drop features to:

1. Easily Reschedule Your Posts 

You only need to drag your post to your preferred date and, just like that, the post will be scheduled. This makes it easy to plan or reshuffle your publication schedule. 


2. Schedule Draft Posts

You can easily schedule a new post by dragging it into the calendar. Unscheduled drafts are shown in the sidebar to the left.

3. Edit Post Title 

You can also edit a post's title, content, and time directly in this view. To edit, just hover over a post card in the calendar view, and a popup will allow you to make quick changes. 

Editing a post in the calendar viewEditing a post in the calendar viewEditing a post in the calendar view

Twitter and Facebook Integration

WP Scheduled Posts provides Twitter and Facebook integration, so all of your published posts will be sent directly to your feed. You don't have to go elsewhere to distribute your content. 

Make sure you have created a Facebook page on your account. 

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to WP Scheduled Posts from the admin menu.  Open up the Integrations tab and you will find the Twitter Form and Facebook Form sections.

Facebook integrations in WP Scheduled PostsFacebook integrations in WP Scheduled PostsFacebook integrations in WP Scheduled Posts

Each section contains a field for you to add an access token that will allow WP Scheduled Posts to post content to your social media accounts. Simply click the link to generate Twitter API Keys or click the Generate Access Key button for Facebook. Then follow the instructions, and copy the resulting key or token information back into the respective fields in WP Scheduled Posts. 

Once you've completed this setup, WP Scheduled Posts will be able to add posts to your social accounts.


The WP Scheduled Posts plugin gives you control over how you manage and schedule posts. It gives you an overall picture of your scheduled content. You can plan, create, and schedule content on your WordPress site from the Editorial Calendar. You can choose between an automated or manual scheduler. And it comes with a missed schedule handler so can rest assured your posts will not go unpublished.  

Try out WP Scheduled Posts today!

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