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Ruby Version Managers

What You'll Be Creating

Different Ruby Version Managers


The first thing that we discussed in the video was the Ruby Version Manager. Additional discussion around this pointed out that:

  • This was the first version manager version for Ruby
  • This introduced the concept of "GemSets"


It's also worth taking note of RBENV which can be found on GitHub.

This particular project uses the concept of "shims" for managing the various Ruby versions. Additionally, it's lighter-weight and it's less intrusive than RVM.


You can find CHRuby on GitHub, as well. As far as all of the version managers installed, this is by far the lightest one of them all and it's the one that we use in the video above.


Each of these version managers allow us to have different versions of Ruby installed in our home directory, instead of having to install Ruby to the system with the OS package manager or manually. 

In this tutorial, we used chruby in this tutorial to experiment with managing multiple installed Ruby versions.

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