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Quick Tip: Write and Compile Code Online Using WonderFl

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In this Quick Tip we're going to look at how to create applications directly in the browser with WonderFl. Read on for more!

Step 1: What is WonderFl?

WonderFl is a service that lets you write and compile ActionScript code online. There's more however, being a social networking service it lets you browse and even edit someone else's code to create amazing projects.

Step 2: How it Works

It is really simple, just create an account (you can log in using OpenID, Google Account and other services) and you'll be ready to create a project from scratch or to "fork" someones else's code (that is, to use theirs as a starting point for your own).

The editor is pretty basic, a code section on the left side, where you can start writing your application and a live preview on the right, that will compile your code automatically (you can disable this) and show it, if no errors are present.

There's also a Terminal-like panel that will show you information about the compilation of your code.

Step 3: Pros and Cons

As always there are advantages and disadvantages in using an online compiler, let's take a look at them:


  • Fast and easy prototyping.
  • No need of a desktop app (you can code in any device with Flash Player, e.g. Android powered devices!).
  • Hundreds of source codes available.


  • No visual tools (no problem for a hardcore developer)

Step 4: External Libraries

WonderFl compilation is powered by Flash Player 10.1 so it is fully featured with the recent changes to the ActionScript 3 language. Besides that, external libraries are available including 3D, Tweens, Augmented Reality, Sound, Maps, Particles, Components and more.

Step 5: Start Coding!

You can create simple utilities to full featured apps using WonderFl. I recreated the Animated Background effect from a previous tutorial and this is what came out: http://wonderfl.net/c/sRNl.


If you are a Flash Developer then WonderFl is a must try, it is simple yet powerful and really good fun.

Thank you for reading!

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