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Quick Tip: Tidy Up Your Flash Library in Seconds

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In this Quick Tip we'll take a look at a Flash feature that will help us remove any unused item in our library to keep our project clean and save some bytes. Read on to learn more!

Step 1: Brief Overview

It would be difficult to manually select the items that you decided not to use in a big project, that is why Flash Professional includes an option to automatically detect which items are not in use. Follow the next steps to find out how.

Step 2: Open any Flash Project

Select any Flash Project you've created and open it. I'll be using a version of my Blackjack tutorial.

Step 3: Open Library

Go to Window > Library or press Cmd+L to open the Library Panel.

Step 4: Selecting Items

In the Library Panel, locate the top-right corner and press the lines icon.

A drop down menu will appear:

Click on the Select Unused Items option and, automatically, Flash will detect the items that are not in stage or called by ActionScript. Press the Trash icon or hit delete in the keyboard to erase the items.


Clean your project's Library using this method!

How's that for a Quick Tip? Thank you for reading!

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