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Quick Tip: Test Your Movie in Different Flash Players with FireFox


Flash Player is a plugin that is constantly upgraded, and it could be necessary to check your project is compatible with different versions. We'll look at how to do it quickly with the Flash Switcher tool.

Step 1: What is Flash Switcher?

FlashSwitcher compatibility Flash Player

Flash Switcher is a Firefox extension which lets you switch between different Flash Player versions quickly and easily.

It comes with various Flash Player versions and it can be activated right in the browser.

Step 2: Requirements

FlashSwitcher compatibility Flash Player

To use Flash Switcher you will need Firefox 3.0a1 or later. You may encounter problems with the installation depending on your browser version; this can be solved by installing the extension from the author's site, as in the next step.

Step 3: Download it!

You can get Flash Switcher using the Mozilla add-ons website, although I recommend downloading it at the author's site for better compatibility and support.

Step 4: Testing

Let's open a SWF file to test Flash Switcher -- you can use my Check Flash Player Version Quick Tip to easily determine the current Flash Player.

Once the page is loaded, locate the f icon in the bottom-right corner of the browser, click it to display the available players, choose one, and wait for Firefox to reload.

FlashSwitcher compatibility Flash Player

A message will be displayed to let you know about the Flash Player change and you'll be able to see the result:

FlashSwitcher compatibility Flash Player


This is an easy way to test your applications in different players and help you debug your code.

Thank you for reading! Anyone want to suggest similar tools for other browsers?

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