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Quick Tip: Remove an Object, iPhone App Style

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In this Quick Tip, I will show you how to create a delete effect inspired by the iPhone iOS interface.

Final Result Preview

Let's take a look at the final result we will be working towards:

Press and hold the "a" icon, then click the "x" when it appears..

Step 1: Brief Overview

On an pre-made iPhone interface we'll make use of the Timer, Tween and Mouse Events to create a nice looking effect for interfaces.

Step 2: Set up Your Flash File

Launch Flash and create a new Flash Document, set the stage size to 255x496px and the frame rate to 24fps.

Step 3: Interface

This is the interface we'll be using, it includes an iPhone 4 template and some GUI elements that you can download from the respective author's site.

There is also an icon that is an interactive element.

Step 4: ActionScript

This is the class that does all the work. It's showing only the actual working code, please read the comments to fully understand what's going on..

Step 5: Document Class

Remember to add the class name to the Class field in the Publish section of the Properties panel.


So there you have it! A nice effect that you can add to your applications, experiment with its uses!

I hope you liked this tutorial, thank you for reading :)

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