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Quick Tip: How I Personally Create Screencasts with Camtasia

This post is part of a series called How to Screencast.
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Despite my meager screencasting skills, you wouldn't believe how frequently I'm emailed about the process of creating web development video tutorials. Often times, when it comes to submitting videos to Nettuts+, many feel that the process is simply too difficult and/or time consuming. That's honestly just not the case. In today's video quick tip, as we branch out a bit from what we usually cover, I'll demonstrate exactly how I prepare each screencast with Camtasia.


Hopefully, the video above will help to persuade you to create tech screencasts for your own website...or even ours! As long as you have the heart of a teacher, and can memorize a few keyboard shortcuts, you might even find that it's fun! At least, this was the case for me; but I'm a nerd.

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