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Quick Tip: Google Fonts API: You're Going to Love This

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Google have made two huge announcements today. One of these concerns the Google Fonts API. Simply by linking to a particular font, stored on Google's servers (save on bandwidth + caching benefits), we now have access to a wide array of custom fonts. Quite literally, you can integrate these fonts into your project in about 20 seconds. It's as simple as that. Further, due to the operations being performed behind the scenes, these custom fonts will even be recognized back to Internet Explorer 6. I, for one, and am extremely excited about the possibilities, and the font catalog is surely to continue expanding over the coming years.

One Step Only

To take advantage of the Google Fonts API, you only need to link to your desired font, and reference it within font-family. That's it! When you find yourself integrating a custom font in less than 15 seconds, you'll laugh with joy! For example:

Custom Fonts

Crazy, isn't it!? You can refer here for the current list of available fonts. So what do you think?

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