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Quick Tip: Force IE6 To Display Alpha Transparency


We're running short on quick tips! That means we need your expertise! For tonight's evening tip, I'll simply refer you to the "2 Minute Video Tip" that I created on my personal site, Detached Designs, this morning. We'll be back to the normal format tomorrow. Keep reading if you have some ideas.

This video tutorial will teach you how, by using a script created by Dean Edwards, you can force IE6 to render 32-bit PNGs properly, not to mention the other added benefits of the script - including advanced CSS selectors, bug fixes, etc. Watch The Video Here. P.S. This is the style of video that I'm hoping to bring to NETTUTS very soon. If such videos are intriguing to you, be sure to let us know. Obviously, they would go more in depth - as this one is simply a quick tip.

That's it for tonight. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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