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Quick Tip: Depth Management With the Display List in AS3

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Moving items to top and bottom of the display list can be very useful when developing games and applications. Learn to easily manage depth using this QuickTip.

Final Result Preview

Let's take a look at the final result we will be working towards:

Click an icon to select it and bring it to the top of the display list, then use the two buttons to move it lower in the hierarchy.

Step 1: Brief Overview

Using ActionScript 3 we'll learn how to manage top, bottom and intermediate levels of depth.

Step 2: Set Up Your Flash File

Launch Flash and create a new Flash Document, set the stage size to 320x200px and the frame rate to 24fps.

Step 3: Interface

This is the interface we'll be using, a series of buttons in stage that will activate the depth change.

Convert the characters to Button and name the Tuts+ logos like this: nt, at, pt. For the other buttons the instance names are bottomB and oneB.

Step 4: ActionScript

Create a new ActionScript Class (Cmd+N), save the file as and write the following lines, please read the comments in the code to fully understand the class behavior.

Step 5: Document Class

Add the class name to the Class field in the Publish section of the Properties panel to associate the FLA with the Main document class.


Use what you learned in this QuickTip in your games and applications!

I hope you liked this Quick Tip, thank you for reading!

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