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Match Hack: Development Diary


In between a few of my projects I decided I needed to build a simple game that I could get out to the app markets quickly. Sometimes you need a minor victory to like this to keep you motivated on a larger project. So I came up with an idea to reuse some graphics from the RPG TileCruasder and came up with MatchHack, a simple matching game with some RPG elements.

I decided to document the process and evolution of the game as it all came together. What you will see in the 12 videos of this two-part series represents about 15 hours of development over several days. While the game may not be that advanced, it's taking advantage of some interesting concepts which can help you with your own multi-platform Flash application.

Play the Final Game!

Enjoy this fully functional demo of MatchHack - and feel free to grab the source over on github.

Video 1: FActivity

Right now I am using Flash and a Library I wrote called FActivity to help me quickly get each section of my game up and running in about an hour.

Video 2: PaperSprite

In this video I show off the new match tiles using a modified version of SoulWire's PaperSprite.

Video 3: Life Bars

In this video I show off updates to the game's flow and demonstrate how the life bars work. All code is now up on github.

Video 4: Random Monsters

In this video I show off the new sprites for the player and random monsters. I also show off the simple death animation.

Video 5: Difficulty Selector

In this video I show off the new game difficulty selector and in-game sounds.

Video 6: Scale Correction

In this video I show off the game's ability to correctly scale to any resolution using the original iPhone, Android and iPad sizes as an example.

Special thanks to Power Flashers and Influxis.

Join me again next time, for the final parts of this development diary where I finish things up and demonstrate various app marketplace deployments. Thanks for watching!

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