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Match Hack: Completion and Deployment

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Read Time: 1 min

Welcome to the concluding parts of my Match Hack Development Diary. In them, I'll demonstrate a few of the final game features, then walk through app distribution to the Android and Chrome marketplaces. We'll finish off by taking a look at device testing with AIR for iOS.

Play the Final Game!

Enjoy this fully functional demo of MatchHack - and feel free to grab the source over on github.

Video 7: Game State Save

In this video I show off the game difficulty modes and how new game state save system works.

Video 8: Text Animations

In this video I show off the new text animations, win and lose screens.

Video 9: Final Game

This is the final game and its features.

If you are interested in seeing how MatchHack works, you can download the source code over on github.

Distribute Your App: Android Marketplace

In the following video I cover a quick overview of putting your AIR app up on the Android Market.

Distribute Your App: Chrome Marketplace

In the following video I cover a quick overview of putting your AIR app up on the Chrome Market.

Building AIR for iOS: Provisioning

This is a quick video walking you through how I did the iOS Provisioning for Tile Crusader on a brand new, right out of the box, iPad 2. With the right workflow in place, I can easily test installing AIR 2.6 apps on any iOS device.

Special thanks to Power Flashers and Influxis.

I hope you enjoyed watching this development diary and have learned something useful in the process!

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