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Introduction to Cross-Platform Development With Appcelerator

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This tutorial will introduce you to the Appcelerator development process. You will learn the fundamentals of touch-interaction and UI positioning while becoming familiar with the Appcelerator development environment and build process. Your project in this tutorial will be a simple "Fortune Crunch" application like the one built in the "Introduction to iPhone SDK Development" tutorial by Mark Hammonds. You must have both the iPhone SDK and the Android SDK in order to test your code on both platforms.


  • For iPhone development with Appcelerator:
    • An Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard version 10.6.2 or later.

      This is the latest requirement for iPhone SDK 3.2 development. Older versions of the SDK were compatible with OS X, 10.5, but these are no longer accessible on the Apple web site.

    • An Apple Developer Account.

      This is required to download the iPhone SDK 3.2, the Xcode IDE, and the iPhone Simulator. You will need to register for an Apple Developer account. Registration is free and will allow you to run applications in the iPhone Simulator. A free account is all that is needed for this tutorial, but to actually run your apps on a device or publish through the iTunes App Store you will need to pay to enroll in the iPhone Developer Program.

    • Xcode and the iPhone SDK 3.2.

      After logging into your developer account, download and install Xcode 3.2.2 and iPhone SDK 3.2 (or the latest available version).

  • For Android development with Appcelerator:
    • You must download and install the Android SDK.

    • Install the Android Development Tools (ADT) Eclipse plugin.

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