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GitHub Pages and Auto-Updating Demos FTW

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In this tutorial, we’ll learn a handful of neat tricks. Firstly, we’ll learn how to use the new online editor, Cloud9, to access, edit and update a GitHub repository from any computer in the world. Next, we’ll review GitHub pages, and how they can be used to dynamically display live previews of your repositories. Finally, we’ll add in another layer of convenience, and redirect these GitHub live previews to our custom domain.

Still Confused?

Okay, well think of it this way: wouldn’t it be cool if, every time you updated a GitHub repository, a live preview demo was updated simultaneously? Currently, you may push the files to your GitHub account, and then, again, upload the same files to your web site, via FTP. If you frequently make updates to projects and demos, this can be a pain in the butt. That’s why, in this lesson, we’ll learn how to kill two birds with one stone. Every time you push an update to your repository, the preview on your own domain will dynamically update as well.

Full Screencast

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