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Flash for Android: Introduction to BitmapScroller


This is an introduction to my BitmapScroller class. I'll explain how to get it up and running with ANT and FDT.

Section 1: BitmapScroller and ANT

The BitmapScroller class allows you to scroll multiple bitmaps as if they were a single image. I have used it on several sites, most noteworthy being thejohnnycashproject.com. In this video you will also see how I use ANT to help automate building a web and mobile version of this app.

Section 2: BitmapScroller on Android

In part two of my introduction to the BitmapScroller I show you what it looks like when running on an Android phone. The BitmapScroller runs surprisingly well at 30 fps when idle and 19-21 fps when scrolling. The source code can be found at http://github.com/theflashbum/BitmapScroller.

Don't forget you can tart up your desktop and mobile devices with the Flash for Android Wallpaper!
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