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Flash for Android: Android's Web Browser


To kick off the Flash for Android series I show off how FlashBum.com runs on two Android phones, the Nexus One with Flash Player 10.1 and the HTC EVO with Flash Player Lite 4. I'll then walk through a couple of other sites, pointing out some of the things you should bear in mind whilst developing for mobile devices.

Section 1: Flashbum.com

Even though FlashBum.com was written in AS 2 almost 5 years ago it still works surprisingly well on the Nexus One. This video also introduces some of the issues that will arise with touch on sites not optimized to run on mobile phones.

Section 2: Issues to Keep in Mind

In this second section I continue to go through sites that run with Flash Player 10.1 in the Android's web browser. Some sites work, and others don't. This video again illustrates some things to keep in mind when building Flash sites you anticipate being viewed on mobile devices. In this video I cover: boostup.org, thejohnnycashproject.com, youtube.com and wonderfl.net.

Don't forget you can tart up your desktop and mobile devices with the Flash for Android Wallpaper!
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