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Evening Tip: 5 Time Saving Coda Features

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Panic Inc.'s application "Coda" is, in my opinion, a terrific application for the Mac OS X platform. It's single window interface keeps things organized and eliminates the cluttered desktop that typically plagues web designers and programmers. What I like most about Coda is all of it's time saving features. Here are my top 5:

1. Built in reference guides.

Do you often find yourself pulling out your programming books for quick reference?
Coda helps save you a trip to the book shelf. Included are the HTML, CSS, Javascript,
and PHP “Web Programmer's Desk Reference” reference guides. Even better, they are
searchable and integrated into the app's Programming Hints banner.

Visit the Books section by clicking the Books button in the Toolbar or by pressing

2. Blockedit

This is probably my favorite feature. Hold down the Option key and select a block
of text (or an empty block) and start typing. Coda mimics the text you type to all
of the lines selected. This is perfect for adding a long list of links, lists, or
putting navs together.

There are a couple of different ways to do this. Select a block of text and go Text
> Blockedit Selection (Shift+Command+3), or just hold down Option while selecting
the text (the cursor will turn into a crosshairs).

3. Clips

Clips will store your favorite text clippings into an easy to reach widget. Coda
provides you with the famous Lorem Ipsum filler text and some Doctypes to start,
but you can easily add your own by pressing the Plus button at the bottom. Rather
than typing things over and over again, click and drag a clip to your document and
you're done.

I use it to store my CSS document template and some common includes.

4. Built in Code Validation

Always visiting validator.w3.org to make
sure your HTML is good to go? Coda has HTML and XHTML code validation built in (sorry,
no CSS). Follow the warning triangles and read the balloons to get an idea of what's
wrong. Coda will continue to re-validate your document as you edit it until it's
turned off.

5. Split Editing

Split editing is great for when you need quick reference to other files without
needing to switch tabs. In your file browser on the left, Control+Click on a file
and choose Open in Split.

I like to have my CSS in one Split and my HTML in another. That way I always know
what elements I need to edit.

You can read more about Coda on Panic's Website.

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