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eSigning Documents With Eversign

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Read Time: 6 mins
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This sponsored post features a product relevant to our readers while meeting our editorial guidelines for being objective and educational.

It goes without saying that 2020 changed the business landscape forever, especially in the technology industry. Businesses that thrived on, and required, employees working in the office had to adjust to a remote-only paradigm. As a result, businesses had to adapt their manual and in-person processes to a digital world. One such process is the act of signing documents.

Within the past two years, the electronic signing business has exploded, with many companies innovating and setting themselves apart.

eversign is one such company. Founded in 2017, eversign helps both small and large businesses make the digital leap while guiding them every step of the way. It offers an affordable, highly secure, and well-monitored eSignature platform with ahead-of-its-time functionality.

What is eversign?

eversign is a highly rated eSignature platform built and maintained by the folks who brought you apilayer (and the various -layer API products), invoicely, and ZeroSSL. More than 100,000 companies trust eversign, not only for their eSigning needs, but also for managing and storing their eSigned documents in eversign’s highly secure and closely monitored infrastructure.

In addition to the end-user experience, eversign also enables developers to tap into and integrate eversign’s workflow into their own applications. While its competitors offer this same capability, only eversign includes developer access with its standard subscriptions—although it does offer developer-focused subscriptions as well.

Features: Why Use eversign?

There are, of course, many eSigning companies you can choose from, but the following are reasons why you should give eversign your consideration:

Legally Binding Signatures

Documents eSigned with eversign are legally binding and enforceable in a court of law. eversign's eSignatures meet the most stringent security and authentication requirements.

Flexible Signatures

Signers can eSign documents by typing, uploading, or drawing their signature.

Secure Document Management

Securely store completed documents in your eversign account. You can also schedule them to auto-expire, export them, or permanently delete them.

Edit Documents

With eversign's document editor, you can edit and prepare documents for signature, including using simple or advanced fields that your signers will interact with during the signing ceremony.

Full Auditing

Track every transaction that takes place as your signers view and sign the document.

Streamline Preparation With Templates

eversign’s templates save a lot of preparation time when sending the same or similar documents.

Multi-Business Support

Set up and manage multiple businesses, each with their own team members, contracts, and documents.

Team Support

Businesses have teams, and eversign lets you add team members to your businesses’ teams. The number of members depends upon your subscription level.


Manage contact profiles for frequent recipients.

App Integrations

Seamlessly connect popular online applications, such as Google Docs, OneDrive, Dropbox, and many more to simplify document preparation and execution.

Developer Access With a RESTful API

Automatically handle eSignatures in your own applications using eversign’s RESTful API.

How It Works

Of course, you first need to register an account with eversign before you can start preparing and sending documents. The sign-up process is straightforward. There is, however, a feature that you won’t find with competing products (at least without paying for it): a vanity domain.

Vanity Domain SelectionVanity Domain SelectionVanity Domain Selection

This domain is what your recipients will see and use when they sign your documents. Be sure to make it meaningful to you or your business.

The Dashboard

After you create your account, you’ll be greeted by the dashboard, which naturally provides a glimpse into the different aspects of your account.

eversign's dashboardeversign's dashboardeversign's dashboard

The dashboard provides quick access to the documents awaiting your signature, those that others still need to sign, and the completed, fully executed documents.

Next to the Documents section is your account’s activity log. Just about everything that happens to a document, from creation to completion, is tracked. So you can use the activity log to get a general idea of what documents are still out for signature and which are completed. If you need detailed information about a document’s lifespan, the audit trail provides everything you need.

audit trailaudit trailaudit trail

You can also add and remove signatures for your account, and eversign lets you type, draw, or upload your signature and initials.

Managing signaturesManaging signaturesManaging signatures

Creating a Document

Of course, the purpose of eversign is to let you create documents and send them for signature. eversign does a good job of streamlining this process.

Creating a documentCreating a documentCreating a document

At the top of the user interface is a handy recipient option selection that will automatically populate the Signers & CCs section with your account’s name and email address if you choose the Me Only or Me & Others option.

Next is the document selection section, where you provide the documents that your recipients will view and sign (and any supporting documents). You can upload those documents from your device, or you can select documents from a variety of cloud-storage solutions that you connect to your account.

The Signers & CCs section enables you to specify the people that will either sign the document or receive a copy. If you’re concerned about security and want to ensure the person signing the document is indeed who you expect, you can use the signature authentication via SMS option.

There are also settings to set a title and message for your recipients in case you need to provide any extra information or instructions.

Preparing the Document

The next step in the process is to prepare the document for signing. This is a straightforward process. Using eversign's UI, simply drag the desired placeholders (for signatures, initials, dates, etc.) onto the document in the desired location.

Preparing a document before sendingPreparing a document before sendingPreparing a document before sending

When you’re done, just click the Send button to send the document to your recipients. They will receive an email that will direct them to the signing page and walk them through the process.

The paid subscription plans also offer other features, such as templates.


eversign has several subscription plans. The Free plan is great if you have a very low monthly volume of documents (five documents per month) and do not want or need templates.

Pricing optionPricing optionPricing option

Of course, you can unlock more features by choosing one of the following paid plans:

Feature Basic Professional Professional Plus
Number of documents unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of templates 3 10 25
SMS credits 10 20 40
Team members 1 5 15
API documents 10 25 50
In-person signing  
Custom branding    

Basic: This plan includes unlimited documents, 3 templates, 10 SMS credits (for signer authentication), 1 team member, app integrations, and 10 API documents.

Professional: This plan gives you everything that Basic does but with 10 templates, 20 SMS credits, 25 API documents, 5 team members, and a feature for in-person signing.

Professional plus: Like the Professional plan, but more! 25 templates, 40 SMS credits, 50 API documents, and 15 team members. You also get custom branding.

Enterprise: Need even more? Contact them.


Document eSigning is not new, but it is certainly much more commonplace in this post-pandemic world. When you or your business needs eSigning services, you want a product that can deliver not just what everyone else does, but also a higher level of security, reliability, and value. eversign can do just that. So what are you waiting for? Get started with a free account today.

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