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Easy Website Updates with PageLime

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PageLime makes the process of editing static websites laughably easy. There are times when a full CMS like WordPress is far too complicated when only simple edits are required - not to mention the fact that a static template must first be modified accordingly to work with WordPress. Wouldn't it be easier if your current static website could instantly be integrated with a service, without requiring hours of conversion time? This is where PageLime comes in.

In today's video tutorial, we'll go through the process of purchasing a site template on ThemeForest, and then integrating that specific template with PageLime, resulting in a website which is super easy to update...even for your mom.

PageLime is a remote Content Management System that allows you to update the content, images, and documents on your web site without installing any software.

What's in Store for PageLime?

In the CEO's own words...

  • Repeating Regions - You/Your clients will be able to have regions that you define as repeatable. This will let you dynamically create new buttons in navigation, blog like article additions, etc. This is in testing now, and will roll out across all sites in the next week!
  • Multipage Dynamic Content - You will be able to define areas that show up on other places in the website. So when you update them, they update in other places.
  • Blog - Drop in simple PageLime managed blog.
  • Client Invoicing - We're building an invoicing feature from withing PageLime that will let you manage your PageLime clients with auto recurring invoices that link to your PageLime account. This basically allows you to setup a subscription model for you clients, and pass the cost of PageLime directly to them. OR charge them more, and make money off of PageLime! This will be a feature in the Business Account Level.
  • iPhone App - Manage websites from an iPhone application. This is already designed, just need to go about building it soon. I can send you screenshots if you would like.
  • eCommerce - Either a partnership with another team, or build one ourselves that can be dropped in, like the blog.
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