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Developing a Progressive Mobile Strategy


In this video spotlight, Dave Olson from West Virginia University discusses the importance of implementing a progressive mobile strategy.

Key Slides & Quotes:

Progressive Mobile Strategy

A progressive mobile strategy is about realistically prioritizing mobile solutions for your organization and then working one-by-one through those solutions.

50% of the US population is now using a smartphone.
Every mobile device will have a browser.

An iPhone app and a web site? Not a mobile strategy. . .Don't get stuck on platform.

Don't get stuck on platform.

There isn't one mobile solution for your organization or client.

APIs are the Infrastructure

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About the Speaker

My name is Dave Olsen and I’m a programmer/project manager with West Virginia University. I specialize in delivering PHP- and Ruby on Rails-based solutions for our University Relations department. Since July 2009 I’ve been working on deploying a number of mobile solutions at WVU with the most robust being WVU Mobile Web. In an effort to help other institutions easily develop their own mobile solutions the code behind that site has been open sourced as Mobile Web OSP.

About the Venue

Breaking Development focuses on new, emerging techniques for web development and design for mobile devices. Our speakers are hand-picked to make sure you get challenging, well-delivered talks from a variety of different perspectives.

-Breaking Development

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