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Creating a Simple Twitter Plugin for WordPress


Let's see how can we make a very simple plugin showing some latest posts from a Twitter account.

Step 1 Download Scripts

Before we begin to write our plugin, we need some JavaScript code.

Step 2 Create File Structure and Copy Files

Create this directory: /wp-content/plugins/tweetfeed-light, and then copy these files.

Step 3 Basic Plugin Data

Continue with creating tweetfeed-light.php (our main plugin file name) with the given content below.

Step 4 The Plugin Class

The basic declaration of our plugin class.

Step 5 Constructor Function

It is a good idea to put the initial settings and requirements into this function. In this section we set the following:

  • plugin path
  • shortcode
  • importing scripts
  • importing styles

The code for these tasks:

Step 6 Retrieving Tweets

Get the latest tweets from a user. We can also set the limit variable controlling the number of tweets.

Step 7 Shortcode Function

This is the helper script for using the plugin with a shortcode.

Step 8 Instantiate Class

Make an object from the plugin class.

Step 9 Final Code

Here is how the code looks when it is finished.

Step 10 Shortcode Usage

To use this plugin you can write the [tweetfeed-light user="johnb" limit="10"] shortcode into the page source you want. For example:

Step 11 The Look

Here is how the plugin looks in the default WordPress theme inserted into a page object.

The look


As you can see this is a simple, but great solution for our mini Twitter mission. For further (color) tweaking you should look into the included stylesheet. Thanks to Icontexto for the Twitter picture!

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