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  1. Code
  2. HTML & CSS

Create Presentation Slides with HTML and CSS


As I sifted through the various pieces of software that are designed for creating presentation slides, it occurred to me: why learn yet another program, when I can instead use the tools that I'm already familiar with? With a bit of fiddling, we can easily create beautiful presentations with HTML and CSS. I'll show you how today!


  • Creating The Markup (preview video)
  • Building Sample Slides
  • Load The Slides
  • Styling and JavaScript
  • Event Listeners
  • Completing the JavaScript
  • Custom Slide-Styling

Screencast 1: Create the Markup


Screencast 2: Building Sample Slides


Screencast 3: Load the Slides


Screencast 4: Styling and Continued JavaScript


Screencast 5: Event Listeners


Screencast 6: Completing the JavaScript


Screencast 7: Custom Slide Styling

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